FFR UK Reggae Punk Monday 24 Feb 2014 Gig Review

24 feb 2014

You thought only Nick Cave and Johnny Cash could do murder ballads? Wrong, take a listen to Larry Love (Alabama 3) and Brendan O’Connell (Ghostflighters) and revise your thought processes! But more of them later as we hit week 3 of FFRUK’s reggae punk nights, which are decanting the essence of Friday into Mondays! First up and playing only their second gig, we have a bunch of Buzzcocks-fixated Italians, playing some great garage punk’n’roll, so all hail VERTICES a band that put the fun back into the mosh-pit with some great sing-a-long tunes, so look out for these boys they’re only gonna get better!

The new wave of British Riot Girl (or frock rock) next with the seemingly innocuously-named THE FEATHERZ, only these girls and token guy drummer Dazzle Monroe (ex-Extreme Noise Terror) are made up of venom, vitriol and screaming hormones. So look out for singer/guitarist Danie Cox and bassist Molly Spiers-MacLeod, both ex-Georgie Girl and her Poussez-posse at a venue near you soon, having already played with Boy George amongst others!

THE DUEL have a tough act to follow, but the band have more than enough experience and classy new songsĀ  to show why they’re enjoying an Indian Summer, and, like last album “Soundtrack to the End of the World”, which featured Max Splodge, the new album is going to be a belter.


And so full circle to acoustic headliner Larry Love featuring Brendan O’Connell. They say that white men can’t sing the blues, but this one can, all the way from the Thames Delta with jazz-infused blues meeting Americana outpourings, infusing Merle Haggard with rebel resistance songs. The pair normally play together as Robert Love’s Ghostflighters and are a regular draw around the Brixton area in particular, their songs echoing the 12 Bar ghosts with their rich blend of poignancy and heartfelt tunes of hope, redemption, despair and all things in-between! A worthy headliner for the night that’s turning Monday into the new Friday!

Bison D Moore (Eaten Alive Zine)

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