FFR UK Reggae Punk Mondays 10th March 2014

As their REGGAE PUNK MONDAY nights continues to entice a long lasting and hungry appetite in the passions of the Capital, FFR UK on March 10th provides another invigorating adventure of sound and passion at the 12 BAR CLUB.


The night once again brings the best of experienced and new artists with plenty of surprises and additional treats, wrapped as always by the prowess and musical insight of DJ SEGS. A founding force of punk legends The Ruts and the innovative Ruts DC, the innovative impresario explores and presents the best inspirational sounds to be heard in his extensive set.

ruts dc new

Alongside resident protagonists THE DUEL and their ever rousing experimental punk sounds, FFR UK presents a trio from London’s finest emerging bands.

the duel new use

DOGSHITE will be unleashing their brand of rock ‘n’ roll inspired by classic bands such as X-Ray Spex, the Slits and Anarcho legends Crass. They announce themselves as ‘Dogshite, old enough to know better‘, and as the 10th will show they thankfully don’t or just do not care.


A riveting storm of garage/punk is provided by JETTYSON, a quartet who has only been together a few months but already has earned a potent chord of attention and support their way whilst completing the line-up,


though you can always expect guests and additional treats, is the exciting trio INDIGO HUSK. Consisting of three musicians employing influences from a wide range of music and in particular Joy Division into their personal sound, the band is another bringing unbridled energy and freshness to the Britain’s rock underground.

indigo husk

As always hosted by Bart Barton as The Spirit oF Andy Warhol and streamed live @ http://ffruk.com/ffrukmonday, FFR UK has laid down another irresistible invitation for London’s night life.


By Pete RingMaster