FFR UK Reggae Punk Mondays 24th March 2014

24 Mar 2014

Striving to bring the very best thought and passion stirring provocations that punk and rock can muster, FFR UK unveil another inspirational and thrilling REGGAE PUNK MONDAY night at the 12 BAR CLUB on Monday March 24th. With music, bands, and creative endeavour to wake up London’s nightlife, this is another FFR UK presentation not to be missed.

segs ruts dc

Alongside resident creative protagonists THE DUEL providing their ever rousing Now Wave Punk Rock cutting edge incitement, fellow host DJ SEGS veins the night with his distinctive and inspirational DJ set. The founder of punk legends The Ruts and the equally acclaimed Ruts DC, Mr Jennings promises as always to bring the evening the most essential and potent sounds around.

the duel use

FFR UK prides itself on inviting and presenting the cream of antagonistic underground music, and with a trio of irrepressibly exciting special guests on the night, it keeps its finger fully on the pulse. Hailing from Berlin, CHURCH OF CONFIDENCE bring the distinctive fusion of punk and rock ‘n’ roll which has ignited their homeland since the mid-nineties, to voraciously bear on the night.


Alongside the Kreuzbergs Rockers, anarcho punks CONTEMPT will be unleashing their politically challenging furies to add extra snarl and irresistible fire to the event.


Uncaging uncompromising and invigorating punk rock tunes since 1984, the Wolverhampton quartet just get better and more wonderfully bitter and are sure to leave the audience rocking in energy and emotion.Celebrating the absurd beauty of 21st century capitalism with their potent and unique fusion of poetry and evocative ambience, the magnetic Tourettes complete a thoroughly compelling line-up.

Compared as always by the inimitable Bart Barton as The Spirit oF Andy Warhol, FFR UK’s Reggae Punk Mondays continue to offer the Capital the most compelling engagements, one all are invited to with the night also streamed live @ http://ffruk.com/ffrukmonday

By Pete RingMaster