FFR UK Reggae Punk Mondays 31st March 2014

31 Mar 2014

March 31st sees FFR UK REGGAE PUNK MONDAYS moving to the Dublin Castle, Camden for one week whilst offering one of its most exciting and eagerly anticipated nights yet. There will be adventure, drama, and fun soaking the event with guests who quite simply light the imagination and spark the passions.

segs ruts dc

Driving the night your hosts DJ SEGS and THE DUEL will rouse up the spirit and energy of all attending; Segs Jennings one of the founders of punk and rock legends Ruts and Ruts DC entwining the evening with his irrepressibly inspiring DJ set whilst London’s Now Wave Punk Rock protagonists will let more of their unique and ground breaking invention loose. It is safe to say that you can expect extra fire in the belly of The Duel as they also celebrate the announcement of the release of their new album “Waging War” in May.

the duel use

FFRUK dare to invite and provide a canvas for the most individual, conformity challenging artists and they come no more insatiably provocative than punk legend SPIZZ. Bringing with guest musicians his band SPIZZOLOGY to share a mix of Spizz tracks and as well as songs that has influenced the man, intrigue and unpredictability will have a thrilling place at the main table of the night.


Also bringing their masterful noise pop to bear on the adventure will be DEADCUTS, a band made up of Mark Keds (ex- The Senseless Things), Trevor Sharpe (ex- Miranda Sex Garden), Mark McCarthy (Wonder Stuff) and Jerome Alexandre (ex-The Skuzzies). Theirs is an invigorating presence and exploration sure to help spark another pinnacle in the history of the event.


Compared by the inimitable charms of Bart Barton as The Spirit oF Andy Warhol, FFR UK’s Reggae Punk Mondays will once again be adding another far reaching imprint on London’s music nightlife this week, one bound to raise the most voracious appetites. And remember everyone can be part with the night also being streamed live @ http://ffruk.com/ffrukmonday.

By Pete RingMaster