FFR UK Ventures Out To Sign New Acts

ffruk flyer

Tara Rez, singer & songwriter from the ground breaking UK DIY band The Duel, talks about why she had to start her own DIY label and the fact that she is branching out looking for new acts worldwide.

The message posted out on her facebook this morning, that has already had a huge response, goes like this :

‘Afternoon Ladies & Gents – Not sure if you know or not, but The Duel has always been pushed by my DIY label FFR UK.

The reason why we had to go DIY was because we could never get any support for our music from any music pro – and people didnt like Punk and didnt like Original music that was out of the box of the mainstream.

Now you can buy Punk in Primark and Watch the Pop Stars in their pre studded leather jackets – and well the world is a very very different place indeed in just the last seven years …

So now we are looking to sign other acts on our DIY label .. please help get this info far and wide to all that are interested around the world ♥ one love 4 ever X’



If you would like to get in touch about any bizz, please contact tara (at) ffruk.com