FFR UK Presents Reggae Punk Mondays

Monday, 21th October 2013

Madame JoJo’s , London

Exposing the passions of London to the best crucial alternative sounds and entertainment to be found in the city and beyond, another FFR UK Presents Reggae Punk Mondays is primed to set the capital ablaze and its resident’s feverish appetites satiated. Renowned for its presentation of the finest reggae and punk seeded sounds and artists within the famous Madame Jojo’s, FFR UK ensures its reputation of providing the stage for the most innovative and influential underground sounds and their creators with this week’s offering of fresh invention and provocative imagination provided by the likes of The Duel, Segs, and Tango Pirates.

21 oct

The Duel

the duel new

In a period for UK punk where it is enjoying leading the world into new antagonistic riots of excellence and influence, THE DUEL stand to the fore inspiring artist and fan alike. It is not a new phenomenon as their previous albums “All Aboard The Crazy Train” and “Soundtrack To The End Of The World (The Zak Splash Story”) has shown, their anthemic adventurously captivating sounds stretching band and genre to greater heights. With their fifth album breeding whispers of even greater things poised to feast on the passions as it looms on the near horizon, The Duel is taking the challenge of pushing punk further still in their stride as they will show on this week’s Reggae Punk Monday.

DJ Segs

segs dj

Throughout the night the legendary punk rock, acid house, reggae impresario, and resident DJ SEGS will explore ears and souls with the wealth of essential sounds and artists he has discovered, bringing their temptation to the event with his usual fabled incite and prowess within his DJ Set. From one of Britain’s most influential punk bands, The Ruts, the similarly impacting Ruts DC who are feeding the UK and Europe with their tour supporting their stunning new album Rhythm Collision Vol. 2, and Alabama 3, as well as collaborations with a wealth of illustrious artists, Segs is the man to bring out the heart of the best indispensable music out there and bring it to the FFR UK’s Reggae Punk Mondays.

Tango Pirates

tango pirates

Stretching the limits of the night with their distinct storm of Rock n Roll, TANGO PIRATES bring an experience and hunger which is destined to imprint deeply on the memory of all inside the venue. Featuring former members of the legendary Lords Of The New Church and the Johnny Thunders Band, Tango Pirates is an energy and encounter which comes from wild hearts and passionate appetites; a band not to be missed on the night or ever.

Dave Kusworth

dave kusworth

The link with Johnny Thunders on the night continues with DAVE KUSWORTH, a Birmingham musician inspired by the raw power of the Stooges and the glam rock excess of the New York Dolls whose band The Bounty Hunters sometimes opened for the great man. It is just a part of the story though in a career which saw Dave at the age of 16 form his first band TV Eye before going on as singer/songwriter/guitarist to make memorable impacts with The Subterranean Hawks, The Dogs D’Amour, The Rag Dolls, The Jacobites alongside ex-Swell Maps Nikki Sudden), and the Tenderhooks. His unique rock ’n’ roll vision has never been tainted or deviated across the years meaning the night’s audience is in for another expressive treat.

Spanking Machine

spanking machine

With the raw uncompromising rockapunkabilly sounds of SPANKING MACHINE bringing its delicious rhythmic and caustic intrusiveness to the night; guitarist/vocalist Lauren Rachel Jones and drummer Christopher Raymond a sonic pestilence which inspires begging before its scorching, and your ever irrepressible compare Bart Barton as The Spirit oF Andy Warhol directing the cast of words and revelry, FFR UK singe another insuppressible night of attention gripping, imagination prompting thrills into the memory of London entertainment.

By Pete RingMaster


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