FFR UK Presents Reggae Punk Mondays

Monday, 28th October 2013

Madame JoJo’s , London

Taking apathy and mundane offerings by the throat and roaring its defiance with another night of breath-taking, senses igniting sounds and revelry, FFR UK Presents Reggae Punk Mondays comes again to Madame Jojo’s with a cast of the best inciting alternative and underground sounds to be found around London and beyond. Continually pushing their reputation and stature each Monday night with their events, FFR UK put their foot on the accelerator essential heart bred uncompromising creativity with a night which presents the might of Chelsea, The Duel, Afrikan Symba and more. Drawing on the experience and attitude of the core of punk rock and more to the vibrant fresh aggressive invention of today the night is set to make the history of the capitals entertainment offerings sit up and take notes.




Within the fervent wash of punk bands throwing off the manacles of blandness and an apathetic society there were a few bands which truly epitomised the heart and culture of the ‘uprising’ and none more so than CHELSEA. Seeded in an advert placed in Melody Maker August 1976 by Gene October which was answered by guitarist William Broad, bassist Tony James, and drummer John Towe, the band instantly became a gig favourite for the scene from their debut supporting Throbbing Gristle at London’s ICA. At that same time Gene convinced Andy Czezowski, manager of a gay London nightspot in Covent Garden called Shageramas, to convert the club into London’s first live punk rock venue called The Roxy, his suasion helping forge one of the true homes of punk rock for a great many. The founding line-up soon split with the three members leaving to form Generation X whilst Gene restocked the band and led Chelsea to the release of major singles ‘High Rise Living’ and ‘Right to Work’ and their stature building debut album “Chelsea”. Subsequent full-lengths “Alternative Hits“ and especially “Evacuate” kept the band at the forefront of UK punk even with numerous line-up changes occurring whilst across the years Gene October and Chelsea continued to provoke and push the genre and the wrongs of society into focus. With attitude and provocative protestation undulled since its opening breath, Chelsea bring their distinctive snarl and presence to this night ensuring what will be a voracious and passionate storm of informing socially challenging exploits.

The Duel

The Duel new pic

THE DUEL continue their residency at Reggae Punk Mondays, each and every event finding the band brewing up a greater impressively sculpted fury and impacting imagination which has seen their albums such as “All Aboard The Crazy Train” and “Soundtrack To The End Of The World (The Zak Splash Story)” make great strides for the London quintet and punk rock in general. Bringing the organic origins of punk rock into a feisty brawl with the aggressive antagonism of today before fuelling it with some of the pungently potent melodic temptations and boundary pushing barbed hooks, The Duel continue to help sculpt the future of British punk whilst igniting the FFR UK presentations. The night will be no exception as the band brings teasers and temptations from their fifth album primed to seduce the world in the near future.

Afrikan Simba

afrikan simba

As if this was not enough to leave Madame Jojo’s gasping, award winning artist AFRIKAN SIMBA will be bringing his unique style and skills to the night. Hailing from Nigeria, the acclaimed and respected artist has become one of London’s most potent leading MC’s. His craft and fluid flow of conscious, spiritual and uplifting lyrics has led him to working with top sound systems like Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti, and Channel One as well as recording with people such as Jah Warrior, Zion Train, Dub Judah.

Emergency Bitter

emergency bitter

There will also be Kingston Upon Thames quartet EMERGENCY BITTER bringing their intent to help make the night another to write down in the acclaimed history or Reggae Punk Mondays, the band as much fuelled by beer and revelry as old school punk rock. Their riotous explosion of stage raucousness has seen the band alongside the likes of UK Subs, Sham 69, Teenage Bottlerocket, and Vanian/James whilst recently released debut album “CIDERFOOTBALLPUNKROCK” has pushed the band to a stronger more intensive reputation, the release receiving a 7/10 rating from Vive Le Rock.

With Dj’s Thierum & toby woby playing awesome tunes through the night and compared as always by the inimitable Bart Barton as The Spirit oF Andy Warhol, it all adds up to a night London will be crowing over for months, maybe years to come. Surely only the foolish and the dulled will be those not regretting missing out on another creative fire bred presentation from FFR UK.

By Pete RingMaster


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