FFruk The Jubilee

Who Knew The country was in ression? queen * 60 years on the thrown.she even got up once or twice * Behind the Queen stands Cheryl Cole, who allegedly racially abused a toilet attendant. Standing in for Philip, no doubt. * irish guy Went to a shop and asked the assistant if he had a green Union Jack. "Sorry mate," the guy said, "we've only got red, white and blue ones." "Okay," I said, "I'll have a blue one". * "Nice tits love" I said to the old lady as I gave them a playful squeeze. She looked startled and I was dragged away by several police officers. It turns out it wasn't a party to celebrate the Queen's jubblies. * The Queen's Jubilee. Nothing makes us feel more British than behaving like North Koreans. I thought Rolf Harris looked splendid in his white tux, union flag shirt and blue bow tie. What a pity he had to spoil the colour coordination with a brown nose. * Prince Philip just let his umbrella slip soaking all those around him. Bet that's the first time he's got the Queen wet in years.