“Forgetful Politicians” Deck of Cards Comings Soon!!

"Forgetful Politicians" a deck of cards brought to you by Nice People Take Drugs

'Within almost every group in every society, you will find people who have consumed cannabis and other drugs at some point in their lives. Politicians are no different.'

The good people of Release, the long established charity advising people about drugs, the law and human rights since 1967, have come up with this brilliant pack of cards that will have you laughing and thinking about the rights and wrongs of our laws, through the very words of the leaders that are there to 'uphold' them. They have made packs of cards, that will be available for sale very soon, ideal for christmas presents,

ThisĀ  new deck of cards is being produced to mark World Drug Day on 26 June, which shows a number of prominent politicians who have admitted to using drugs.

They are now part of an establishment that criminalises others who have similarly experimented with substances such as cannabis, and many of them will no doubt be hailing the success of the war on drugs on World Drug Day.

The cards represents a selection of politicians from all over the world who have either been honest enough to admit to their past use or who have been reluctantly forced into a confession. They have since participated in a political establishment that criminalises others for doing the same.

Every card, has the face of a politician and what they have to say,go to

Nice People Take Drugs

and check out the cards and put it on your xmas shopping list, and help support a good cause that educates and will raise money for important works.

In the mean time, here is a few of our favourates :

First we start with the mayor of our home town, 'So Boris - what do you say, shall we go get high - or do you not take them ?'

JH From one great city to another : 8C AH KH

Release The Charity