George Clinton Funkadelic and Parliament

Funkadelic/Parliament, were pure mental, musically speaking of course, and in fact they still are, well the old records still sound like, really crazy, whacked out music of the highest degree. So l recently found out about a book wriitten about Dr Funkenstein himself Mr George Clinton, and his involvement, in all that is Funk, as he in turn formed his own ideas, and mixed it, all up with Rock music, and later on, anything really tasty that took its fancy as long as it remained tribal which it did. And no better a man to reseach this book, than master Funkateer Kris Needs, and his laborious task in putting together this opus 'George Clinton & The Cosmic Odessey of the P-Funk Empire which he does brilliantly. He opens up this can of maggots ,with a nice inside to the doo-wop craze, which, was a great starting point for Mr Clinton, and it would assist in forming the foundations for Parliament, along with Funkadelic, were true trailblazers, of their time, in the union of funk and psychedelia ( obvious by their namesake) and with nutty song titles such as, Dr Funkensteinsupergroovalisticprosifunkstication, crikey! know what l mean, what a title for a number. Not only that, but Clinton as a producer as well, created a new sound that was so mindblowing, and throw into that, the lyrical content was amazing and well thought out. Singing songs about the troops returning from Vietnam such as' March to the witch's castle from the album Cosmic Slop, which was very political, and very scary, giving the paranoia which must have plowed, the minds of Americans, in the early 70's. also singing about life in the ghetto, such as 'You and your folks, me and my folks, were very gritty and realistic. At times, this book, is hard to keep up with what was happening, in this melee, this is not a criticism of the author's writing, its just that, George had his fingers in so many pies, and with the incredible amount of talent, that was involved and evolving and revolving, around his scene. lts not so surprising then, that everything took off in different creative directions, musicians (and the roadies too, as they are also musicians) involved, in both Funkadelic and Parliament, starting doing such great offshoots, as Bootsy's Rubber Band who made loads of cool stuff, also Parlet, The Horny Horns, Mutiny, and The Brides of Funkenstein, even genius guitar player Eddie Hazel made a solo outing, and there are loads more all great. On the road they all lived under the Mothership and toured to infinity and beyond, and had way too much fun, well until disco started taking over. Funk music is/was crucial, to the always keep on keeping on P-Funk scene, it was the DNA to Rap and Hip-Hop, and along with James Brown and Chic, P-Funk was so in demand, it was sampled continuously. Nowadays, George plays with the P-Funk-All stars, who do up to four hour concerts, ala Grateful Dead-ish style. I love George Clinton's style of music, its so solid, and is so much fun to listen to, there is so much output to keep you interested for years and years, not to mention the fact ,that George Clinton's music is designed to make you think, and that can only be a good thing folks. Chris McDougall