Gone To The Dogs

Oh what a lovely start to this day, got a call from Tara (The Duel) saying she can pick me up, fantastic I don"t need to carry my 2 guitars and my big bag of crap i.e pedals, leads sleeping bag etc... on the trains and bus to our pick up point. Yes l'm off to Gone With The Dogs, which is a charity event for the Birmingham Greyhound Protection which in case you don't know is a charity responsible for the homing of rescued greyhounds. They are here to raise awareness in the greyhound racing industry, so the organisers have decided to put on a 2 day festival to get money raised for the dogs. This has been put together by the very capable hands of Donna Marie Devalle Walker and Derrick (Bison)Moore and is situated in Nuneaton in Warwickshire on their home turf. So a bunch of bands have been allocated slots to play over a few days, acts included are Duncan "Kid" Reid formally of 'The Boys' with Alex Gold, 'Dun To Def' Arturo From The Lurkers and Red Alert to name just a few. Oh and l'm playing in The Duel and of all things daft l have been offered an accoustic slot, Yikes! never done this before. Panic set in about two weeks ago when l had to come up with some songs to play. The last time l played solo was when l had to read aloud in class at school during a book reading session and that was a tough gig. Actually this is not strictly true, l did perform accoustically when l was on a Youth Opportunity Programme back in the 80's when l went on a course and that was kinda ok'ish. Now l was about to do task at Gone To The Dogs. Boy was l scared however on the day l played the nerves had subsided and a strange confidence was now occurring. I was on first on the Saturday, on the the final day of the festival and l loved it. l played a bunch of numbers and in no time it was over. l am now becoming addicted to this and hopefully l can venture out and play more solo shows, in fact I'm going to play tonight at the Alleycat in Denmark Street, London. Anyway it was a top time at Gone To The Dogs and we all had a great time thanks to the kind hospitality of Donna and Derrick. For more info on the charity please visit birminghamgreyhoundprotection.co.uk. Chris McDougall