Goth King Peter Murphy arrested for hit and run, possible meth possesion, in Los Angeles


“Bela Lugosi’s tweaked…”

Peter Murphy, the former lead singer of Bauhaus, was arrested in Los Angeles on Saturday night after an apparent hit and run that injured the other driver.

Veronica Rocha, reporting for the Glendale Times Community News, writes:

The eyewitness followed Murphy, 55, from the crash at Central and Goode avenues in Glendale to the 3400 block of Barham Boulevard in Los Angeles because “he was afraid [Murphy] would kill someone with his driving,” according to Glendale police.

Murphy, who was in a Subaru Forester, reportedly struck a Mercedes about 11:48 a.m. at the intersection, then drove around it and got on the Ventura (134) Freeway, police said. As he fled the scene, a witness who was washing windows, snapped a photograph of Murphy’s Subaru, which sustained moderate front-end damage.

The driver of the Mercedes was also able to write down Murphy’s license plate number before Glendale fire personnel hauled her away on a gurney, police said.

Meanwhile, the driver of a pickup truck reportedly followed Murphy to Los Angeles, where he pulled in front of him, blocked his Subaru and called Glendale police to tell them he was detaining Murphy.

Good for this guy. That’s a seriously impressive act of citizenship.

According to the report, Murphy copped to the traffic collision, telling police that he was jet-lagged.

Then there’s this:

Inside the Los Angeles police patrol car where Murphy had been detained, officers reported finding a small plastic bag, possibly of methamphetamine, police said. Murphy denied the bag belonged to him, but officers said they believed he was trying to discard it in the patrol car.

Murphy was arrested on suspicion of causing injuries while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, felony hit-and-run and possessing methamphetamine, police said.

As on Monday, Peter Murphy was still being held in police custody, remanded in lieu of a half million dollar bail. Police officers expressed concern that Murphy could be a flight risk, and they’re probably right.

What I want to know is this: What was the bloody King of Goth doing in fucking Glendale, anyway?