Peter Hook is not only a fantastic bass player and songwriter he is also brilliant at telling stories and his approach to writing his book about the Hacienda is very fun filled considering all that went on in the era of Madchester and Acid house. The Hacienda club also called Fac 51 ran for fifteen years from 1982 till its final night on June 28th 1997. In all that time l never went once maybe it's because l never spent much time in Manchester but more than likely l was never cool at the end of the 80's. l was stuck in my Rock n Roll and never ventured out into the dance scene that erupted during the 80's l certainly missed out big-time on this great club though, by all accounts this place did have a very darkside to its history, the nearest l ever got to Madchester was probably liking The Happy Mondays and their take on Sly And The Family Stone and Velvet Underground who were more like the stuff l was listening to at that time. Suffice to say reading into "Hacienda How Not To Run A Club" you get the distinct impression that Peter Hook is somewhat on trial for running a nightclub, his honesty betrays this and he holds his hands up not only in the great detail this entwines but the best part is his lovely humour and his truth, for example around the middle part of this book he tells the tale of New Order trying to make an Album in Ibiza and the strife they fall into, it is hilarious to say the least unlike what happened when the gang culture leaked itself into the Hacienda club scene which became a proper nightmare and there was it seemed no end to it, but still he and his partner manager Rob Gretton (who insisted on keeping the club going no matter what, a very heroic or stubburn chap you decide, l think he is a proper hero), although when they started they had more partners including the members of New Order and Tony Wilson who also ran Factory Records. You have to ask yourself, would Madchester and Acid house have impacted the same way had the club not been there as a vehicle to host it all .Who knows probably not and would the club still exist if it was not for the gang culture which laid waste to it. Well put it this way Peter Hook still continues to do Fac 251 which is still operational today though the roof did collapse on Feb 2014 which must have been a bit of a humdinger, there's also Factory themed nights in clubs all around the world so you to say that it was a success in fact there is going to be a night this October at Londons Forum which will feature Hacienda faves The Happy Mondays and of course the man himself Peter Hook. Chris McDougall (The Hacienda Back In The Day) (Upcoming Hacienda Night) photo-1