Henry founded SLF in 1977 while playing in the local cover band, Highway Star. Convinced that punk rock was the future of rock music, Henry talked Jake into reforming the group, along with bass player Ali McMordie. Under the new name, Stiff Little Fingers, the lads began a journey that led to critical and popular punk rock success and, eventually, into their revered place in music history.
SLF's influence on a generation of rock musicians cannot be understated. From Linkin Park to Blink 182, countless groups and musicians point to Stiff Little Fingers as a powerful influence on their music. In the recently released book, Kicking Up A Racket , The Story of Stiff Little Fingers by Roland Link, U2 guitarist Dave Evans (The Edge) is quoted as saying, ''I just remember being blown away by the intensity of the bands playing, particularly actually Henry. Just the way he would attack the guitar, he was gone, he was so lost in it. Just the total commitment to the playing, there was not a hint of holding back or posing. He had that kind of mad energy that you just used to kind of go, 'Wow!' He epitomised the energy of what the band was about. As loose limbed as Ali was and as intense, hectoring and barracking as Jake was, Henry was just this unbelievable ball of energy. He was so compelling to watch on stage.'' Following a recent UK tour with The Alarm and The Damned, Henry's fans made it quite clear they want to hear more from this punk rock legend. His successful December 2010 'Up The Lagan' UK tour and his recent February 2011 tour of the Midwest and the US East Coast are testament to Henry's musical appeal. His fantastic solo tour packed full of wit, charm and classic SLF tunes played with punk rock attitude straight from the heart of Belfast. Videos available on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjLbrTU4akk
UK Tour :
23 July 2011 - Bradford Rios , Bradford                    7.30pm
24 July 2011 - The Bowery , London                        7.00pm
27 July 2011 - Stereo, York                                    8.00pm
28 July 2011 - The Cluny 2 , Newcastle Upon Tyne    7:30pm