High Heels

High Heels


Is particularly high heels shoes, who will wear this shoe heel significantly higher than the toes more. High heels There are many different styles, especially on the changes in the heel is very large, such as fine with the, with thick, with wedge-shaped, nail-type with, with hammer-type knife with the other type. In addition to increasing height of high heels, more important factor is to enhance allure. High heels make a woman stride length decreases because the center of gravity moved, the corresponding straight leg, and cause contraction of the buttocks, chest, before quite so women standing, walking posture is full of charm, willowy’s charm came into being.


14th century: the first high-heeled shoes can be traced back to China during the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, when new shoes in the rear sole with 4-5 cm high with a long round bottom, mounted to silk wrap. Beijing Ding Tomb unearthed sharp enough crested high heels, making very particular about. Beijing has been unearthed Dingling Alice sharp crested high-soled shoes, shoes, long 12 cm high at the end of a long 7 cm, 5 cm wide, 4.5 cm high.
Most exquisite works of art that high heels from the West, China’s high heels as early as in the West 100 years.
15th century: French court costume invented high heels. Since then, the height of heel width, though not when there is a change, but the frenzy of high heels, but enduring. Because “shoes and women to share experiences, no matter where you are in a stage of life, whether fat or thin, the shoes will always be with you.”
16th century: in fact, first appeared in the West, high heels, is to facilitate people to fasten your feet when riding stirrup. High heels until the 16th century became the aristocracy of fashion stuff. Louis XIV is said to short stature seems to make himself bigger, more powerful, more self-confidence and more authority, so let the shoemaker for his shoes fitted with 4 inch high heels, painted red and the heel to show their noble status.
17th century: high heels, fashion men and women became an important element. At this time the heels are 3 inches tall, very slender body of the shoe, heel and sole fused, if you have the opportunity to walk the streets of the 17th century, you will find all the pedestrians on the street wearing the same style of shoes because it was the shoe-making skills can create a style of high heels.
Christian louboutin high heels18th century: the beginning from the 17th century, people began to try to manufacture thin heel, unfortunately sufficient support only to connect the top widened heel shoes, high heels to the height of the late 18th century, gradually declined, replaced by a plus ribbon and bow on the shoes.
19th century: the lovely MaryJane shoes first introduced this style popular in the 19th century, up to 50 years, when the shoe-making technology is quite mature, popular in different materials such as satin, silk and leather to make shoes, style is also more diversified.


20 years – when combined with high-heeled sandals and women’s clothing have updates on a more open attitude, and ethics are a little loose, designers try to “naked” with sandals and high heels, elegant dinner to become high with sandals.

30 to 40 years – is considered indecent open-toed woven fringed suede high heels Dior

With the success of open-toed high heels, exposed heel also became popular. During the fashion magazine has been cast aside this new shoes that revealed with the lack of training in public open-toed, of course, the face of women’s desire for the liberation of desire, this statement will soon be untenable.

1950 to date – the evolution of high-heeled shoes high-heeled shoes the most important period of history, the early high-heeled shoes for shoe-making technology and materials of the limit, resulting in funnel-shaped heel only, that is with the Department since the soles began to collect narrow, in the end the Department of further expansion. Although the heel can later develop into straight lines of the United States is still lacking. Until the 1950s, the reform of the heels of nail technology, designers can design appears this tapered heel women love to hate. When Marilyn Monroe put on by the Salvatore Ferragamo designed for metal thin high heels to her fame, no wonder she said: “I do not know who first invented the high-heeled, but all women should be grateful to him , high heels to my career of great help. ”

The importance of high-heeled shoes for women: a slovenly woman may wear sneakers, slippers, but the absolute spirit of a woman wearing high heels. High heels and stockings make the essential beauty of the conversion experience, the importance of wearing high heels no less of a woman wiping the face powder, used to take things from scratch now start from the feet, meaning it is extremely important .

The thing with sexy high heels? Known as “high-heeled shoes of the Emperor,” the Manolo Blahnik will categorically tell you: “Of course!” High heels Italian is Stiletto, that is, a narrow thin blade knife. For women, high heels like a sharp, sexy, deadly knife, so that women conquer men. The ancient Chinese foot-binding high heels from the start, the performance was strong male chauvinism, when men see a woman walking crumbling bound feet, or even need to be helped, there is bound to meet a man want to act possessive woman.

To the modern, sexy high heels for women is a byword. Heel is getting smaller, more and more, once put on high heels, breast shape naturally erect, hips arc will be more intensified Alice, visually enhanced femininity, showing the curve and lots of flesh, naturally feminine . However, this sexy and feminine, but in a thin high-heeled shoes high-heeled shoes with pointed specific patent. Play sexy, to choose the right shoes.

Today, Japanese women have all kinds of shoes and 12.6 pairs per capita (not including old shoes out of date and do not often wear shoes), second only to France among the developed countries, women and the second place. However, according to a shoe factory in Tokyo and Osaka, more than 600 young women aged 25-37 by a survey of up to 80% of survey respondents complained that although they own a lot of shoes, but most do not fit, of which there are four one of the people arising from this deformation or inflammation of the toes foot disease. In view of this, a strange profession – members will be selected shoe size shoe store came into being in Japan, now the country has access to “qualification certificate” has reached 1,500 people. Select shoes’s job is: according to customer’s foot shape, size and general temperament of people, to help customers select the most suitable shoes, and shoes for the customer to provide consulting services. Selection of a competent member of shoes, a look at the customer’s feet should be able to quickly and accurately calculate the shoe type and size. But sometimes in order to buy a good pair of discerning customers desirable shoes, shoes, workers may choose to consume a few hours of patience. Footwear Research Institute of Japan have long been members of the establishment of select shoes appraisal system, in general, to obtain the primary title, to be more than 3 years seniority, and proficiency in the shoes, feet and legs all the knowledge of the disease. Title examination by the senior British and French from the experts hired from any of the examiner, the written examination and operating two way points, and finally lucky enough not to by the said candidate’s 2 percent, showing that the difficulty is not small!

The late 1980s, the graduation ceremony of the Japanese female college students is the most popular high-end designer fashion clothing, culottes and colorful high-heeled shoes. Recently, however, Japan’s younger generation has whipped up a “return to traditional” style, so more and more female students even in the solemn graduation ceremony put on a kimono and slippers! In addition, the Japanese kindergarten, children (especially girls) in accordance with the provisions also have to wear the sandals and clogs – just wear, a lot of foot pain the child crying, but not a week, then everyone adapted, and the tests confirmed: wearing sandals or clogs are not susceptible to colds, athlete’s foot is not easy to dye, is not easy as flat feet, foot fatigue is not easy … and not without humor, who predicted: clogs will once again become fashionable Japanese women love shoes!

High not suitable for this people

Pregnant women avoid wearing high heels

Women like to wear high heels, high heels can increase due to height, to make up for the shortcomings of short stature, the body is not short of people, wearing high heels will look more slender body. At the same time, wearing high heels can make the chest and abdomen, it is spiritual. In addition, highly suitable for high heels (2 to 3 cm is appropriate), sole shape also fits a normal arch, it will give the foot even by force, either standing or walking will not feel tired. There are people who wear high heels, flat feet have orthopedic effect. However, pregnant women, physical condition has changed, increasing day by day, belly, weight gain, the body’s center of gravity forward, standing or walking back muscles and feet of the burden, if you wear high heels, will make the body support legislation instability, because the body increase, the burden of the foot, walking or standing, will find it hard to foot. Therefore, pregnant women should not wear high heels. In addition, because of lower extremity venous reflux in pregnant women are often subject to a certain extent, standing or walking far too long, the feet often have different degrees of swelling, this time due to wear high heels soles, uppers hard, not conducive to the lower limb circulation.

Jimmy choo high heelsPregnant women is best to wear soft-soled shoes, sneakers, these shoes have good flexibility and ease of bending, there is a certain flexibility to change with the shape of the foot, so wear comfortable, lightweight walking, reduce the body burden of pregnant women and prevent the occurrence of falls and other unsafe factors.

Postpartum should not wear high heels

High heels shoes are very fond of women, but not for maternity wear.

Wear high heels, people naturally focus forward, waist to keep upright posture, looks very spirit of the shuttle in the crowd more and more confident. However, due to the pelvis forward, waist, back, body weight significantly change the power curve, over-extension of the waist, back muscles shrink tension, lumbar facet joint and the joint capsule tense, long-term, joint capsule, and prone to low back muscle strain, causing low back pain. Legs, perineum and lower abdominal muscles tense, affecting the pelvic blood circulation, can also cause lumbosacral pain.

Maternal postpartum period can prepare a pair of comfortable flat shoes to wear shoes or slippers as well.

Heels of the soul

Most high-heeled shoes made ​​from animal skin, these lower animals are slaughtered, skinned, cut, made ​​into high heels after being trampled women Yuzu, a process that easily mobilize a male to female natural worship complex . Fetish fantasies are often experienced themselves into a woman at the foot of the lower animals being slaughtered – their skin is made ​​of high-heeled shoes of the upper, the tongue soles of the feet are pressed into the internal parts of the Pidian high heels, bones were polished into heel high heels, hair was woven into women’s silk stockings … these are the imagination, so that men often accompanied by masturbation and sexual gratification. This may not be a normal psychological imagination, but human psychology is not that normal! Aggressive, dominating, selfish, power play, showing off, jealousy, lying … this world where there will be psychological completely normal people? Ultra high-heeled, you can do to control it
Heel height of high heels only a few centimeters in the physical or ten centimeters, but that is the size of this short, but superior to the female, as if the world can step on the foot. In this sense, the spirit of the height of the male mind can not be measured. High heels beauty hard to describe, because no matter from which point of view, she is extremely sexy, seductive! For example, high heels and soles of the heel area to form a triangle, looks from the side, this is simply the world’s most sexy shape! The triangle formed by the gap if used storage, the ability to hold the hearts of all men the world, no exaggeration!

The charm of high heels

1.High heels are symbol of nobility

Wearing high-heeled shoes need to have the material basis of the nobility.High-heeled shoes need to have noble qualities as a necessary condition.High-heeled shoes with a sense of power, is a symbol of authority.

2.High heels can actually increase a woman’s beauty and charm of the body

Women wearing high heels is bound to hips, legs, waist, etc. play a prominent role in shaping and will make women more beautiful curves. The most attractive part of the women is also highlighted by high-heeled shoes are these parts.

High heels can make a woman exudes sophisticated charm. Choose to wear high heels, often already aware of many men for unknown reasons has a strong interest for high heels, wearing high heels can easily complete conquest of many men, it’s easy to get a lot of men of worship You can easily make many men excited. The need to do all of this cost is only wear a pair of high heels, why not? To realize that these women have a certain understanding of man and man’s mental ability to grasp certain, because a mature woman will choose high heels, so high heels have become a symbol of a mature woman (in this psychological maturity ). In the eyes of men, women wearing high heels have significantly increased the charm of a mature woman!

High heels can increase height, increase the slender figure of beauty. Generally, the general height of women is generally lower than men’s height, high heels can be effectively extended from the perception of the beauty of the body, is tall body makes women more attractive rich.