HIV postal test / Terrence Higgins Trust


If you are worried about going to a clinic for a test, or find it hard to get there, why not get a free postal HIV test sent out to you?

It’s better to know.

Knowing you’re HIV positive as soon as possible helps you to better manage your condition and reduces the risk of transmitting the virus to other people. Regular testing for HIV is essential to ensure you know your HIV status and you are able to stay HIV negative. We recommend you test for HIV at least every year or more often if you have taken a risk.

Easy and convenient.

HIV postal testing allows you to do a quick and easy HIV test without the need to go to a clinic. It’s free and confidential and you will receive your result within a week.

HIV postal testing uses a finger prick of blood which is tested in a laboratory using a 4th generation HIV test. This is a test that will detect HIV infection after a `window period’ of 4 weeks.

Questions about the test?


All you need to do to be sent your HIV sampling kit is to give us a few details. Having the test is completely confidential and your details will not be shared with anyone. We will send you an e-mail and ask you to reply to confirm that you ordered the test.

How we’ll safeguard your privacy.

Plain package

We will post you the home HIV sampling kit the next working day. The test kit will fit through a normal letterbox so you don’t need to sign for it and it will be sent to you in a plain envelope. Please ensure that the address you provide is suitable as we cannot accept responsibility for any items opened by anyone other than the person they are addressed to.

Just one prick…

The test is done using a finger prick and a few spots of blood are placed on the test card. When performing the test it is important to follow the steps exactly or your sample may not be able to be tested. The instructions on how to do the test are given on the back of the request form.

See how to do the test.


When you have done the test you need to post it to the laboratory in the prepaid, addressed envelope. You should receive your result within a week of you returning the sample. You’ll recieve your result by text or phonecall. If you’re HIV test is positive then one of our specialist team will offer you all the information and support you need and will, with your consent, refer you to your local specialist HIV service.