I & I The Natural Mystics

This book has been a long time coming in my view, and what a great book it is, finally we have the story of the main Wailers, and we get much much more about their backgrounds.l was wondering if there was a book discussing the three wailers, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Bunny Livingston and the answer is yes there is, thanks to Colin Grants, I &I The Natural Mystics. The book opens up with a lot about the history of Jamaica, it is crucial that we learn about this, as it is important to find the back story to set the scene for the birth of the Wailers from boyhood to brotherhood to manhood.From the rise of the dance hall craze to the sound systems and onwards to the rise of the Rudeboys and the Rastafarian movement that cemented into the mindset of this trio, this book tackles all of these matters with fantastic detail its historical references are dotted all over this manuscript it is very intriguing to say the least. l posses a fair few Ska and Reggae songs( but not nearly enough to consider myself an expert which l am not) and l'm very curious as to what the songs represent lyric wise, and this book gives me great insight into a lot of what the songs were about ,it really opened things up to me and when l re-listen to the tunes l feel l have a better understanding and knowledge all thanks to this book. Its hard to judge what would have happened if the Wailers had continued and Chris Blackwell of Island Records had not suggested on changing the name to Bob Marley and The Wailers, which would have maybe allowed the band to continue,They were all very much talented as individuals, maybe it was for the best that Bob continued on in his own manner, l know Peter Tosh made great albums and so so did Bunny, After the first big tour l think Bunny had enough and was kinda introverted as a character and Peter had a message of his own which was more militant and Bobs was a more global message of love. But maybe things were for the best, the way they turned out. Nowadays only Bunny carries the torch of the wailers and continues to play l saw him listed to play a festival when l was in France this year, if you want to read a book about Bob there are plenty of choices out there but dont get Marley and Me its about a dog so thats best to be avoided unless you like canines then its a must but in my humbling opinion what is really a must is, I&I The Natural Mystics by Colin Grant. Chris McDougall