Indonesia: Flooding is no longer the fresh-water flooding but sea water


BALIKPAPAN-New Road was recently improved by spurious cemented. Unfortunately the newly placed cement on the broken road does not irregular because crushed by the wheels of the vehicle. so put signpost that reads do not trampled on newly repaired roads and tree limbs for the vehicle through the side street next to it which also severely damaged.

New Roads is an alternative way and still makes the road that links the Province of New Village Ulu and Kelurahan Batu Ampar, because this road frequently traveled great vehicle that has a load large enough so that the course becomes damaged and occurred at some point in the area. Up to yesterday there has been no activity in this place asphalt to repair the road.

While the road has been repaired but often only temporary fixes that only the land fill for road re-hardening rate but not done, eventually in less than a week way back broken and bumpy. “We expect the new road be repaired immediately because if there must pass through pools of water and road potholes,” explained resident Batu Ampar to Bapos Ari, yesterday.

This road is frequently flooded, flooding is no longer the fresh-water flooding but sea water, because the road is quite low even at high tide sea water soaking the streets of this New Nature. “If the repair should be elevated because of the submerged sea water can damage the structure of the road so quickly destroy compounded by heavy equipment,” he asserted.

Thousands of People Displaced Due to Flooding

April 04, 2011


[FIELD] Some of the districts and cities in North Sumatra (North Sumatra) experienced flooding due to heavy rains. These conditions create a community of thousands have been displaced. Flood-affected areas include the Deli Serdang regency, Langkat, Medan, Binjai and High Cliff.

There were no reported casualties from the disaster. But the loss of the entire community Terliht estimated to reach billions of rupiah. The government was expected to take immediate measures to deal with refugee communities, so threats can plague many anticipated soon.

“We are expecting the government to distribute aid in the form of blankets, baby food, clean drinks, food or drugs – drugs,” said Dewi (45) one resident refugees living on the outskirts of the riverbanks in the region Babura Medan, North Sumatra (North Sumatra).

Not only the residents on the outskirts of the basin (watershed) areas are displaced Babura, thousands of people in the region Sunggal, Tanjung Anom and society Gang Pasir area Jl S Parman and Labuhan Deli, also was forced to leave their homes due to flooding.

According to Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission VIII, Hasrul Azwar, floods that hit most of the city of Medan because the channel is not working. It’s more dangerous if the canal was built with a value of about 240 billion was about the year 2008, no serious attention by the city government.

“The construction of canals in Medan Johor is assistance from Japan Bank International Corporation (JBIC). If not taken seriously by our government it will become a landfill. Not the functioning of this channel as a result of flooding in this city,” he said.

Hasrul expects the government to relocate people living on the banks of the river water flow. In addition, the government asked to tighten supervision over building permits on the edge of the river flow. Therefore, it is possible other causes of the flooding was due to the construction of the building.

Meteorological Station Head, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) Polonia Medan, Albertus Kusbagyo said berlangsaung peak rainy season until May next. The threat of flooding is likely to threaten the people who live in the East and West Coast regions in North Sumatra.

“Floods that swept this region merupakn impact of wind disturbance on the East Coast in this area. This is the beginning of the rainy season this year. Therefore, the public expected the government mupun anticipate the flood threat. This is in anticipation of bigger losses,” he explained .

Meanwhile, the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) provides ebesar USD 200 million for the refugees to flood victims in Medan. Help is given directly by the Director BNPB Tri Budiarto.

“This assistance is a form of government attention to the flood affected people in this city. We look forward to the community so as not to assess the amount given. However, this assistance could be used for public purposes during the evacuation,” he said.

Floods that swept the city of Medan Medan District covers Tuntungan, Medan Deli, Medan Labuhan, Sunggal Medan, Medan Baru, Johor, Medan Maimun, Medan Selayang, West Medan, Medan Helvetia, Medan Petisah, Medan sandpaper, and Marelan.

[Jayapura] economic activity and government in Paniai district has not run since a number of vital facilities in the area are still submerged in floods caused by overflow of Lake Paniai after rain during the last three weeks.

Mains in the City Pier Enarotali, the capital of Paniai, badly damaged and not functioning due to flooded to a height of two meters. Airport runway Paniai also flooded along the 100 meters, although the water began to recede.

Flooding also has killed 13 people and damage to public facilities and 782 houses damaged citizens. While about 6,000 people were displaced in desperate need of assistance.

“Until now the water has started receding but the activities of government, economy and society can not walk,” said Member of DPRP Commission E, Nelson Uti contacted by SP, Monday (4 / 4) morning.

Paniai flood victims in the East, West Paniai, District Eka, Agadide, Bogabaida, Kebo, and Botai, he said, now stricken with a variety of infectious diseases such as diarrhea, vomiting, and respiratory infection. In addition, the refugees were starving because of lack of food. “The government seems slow to give aid, for that I ask the attention of government to assist the people there,” he said.

Similar disclosed Abepura Hospital Director, Aloysius Giay the origin Paniai. He admitted that he received information from the chiefs and traditional elders Paniai that has appeared a variety of illnesses ranging from diarrhea, flu, and smallpox.

“Our government better than Kabuapten, Central Province is less responsive to community membanju there. Who else is helping them there,” he asked.

Analysis / Boby decent senses. Volunteer Team of the Red Cross helps people to evacuate to the people’s belongings, in New Bangunsari Village Sub District Tanjungmorawa Deliserdang, Sunday (4/03)
Tanjungmorawa, (Analysis)

Heavy rain all day result in hundreds of homes in District Tanjungmorawa Deliserdang District is flooded, Sunday (4/03)

Camat Tanjungmorawa, Drs Zainal Abidin Hutagalung Analysis of MAP when met at the site said the rain that fell continuously in the subdistrict of Tanjungmorawa resulted in hundreds of houses located in Taman Sari Permai Housing Hamlet New Sari XII Wake Village, and in the village of Telaga Sari who are Gang Madrasah and Village Tanjungmorawa A Sub Tanjungmorawa Deliserdang District, affected by the disaster, from Friday at 23:00 pm, with water levels up to 1 meter.

While the Housing Taman Sari Sari Permai Build New Village, approximately 200 homes affected by flooding, in the village of Telaga Sari approximately 78 houses. No casualties in natural disasters, but a grandfather, Rasem (50) residents of Taman Sari Permai Housing, had been evacuated by the PMI to Dr GL Tobias PTPN 2 Tanjungmorawa, because of shortness of breath.

Friday night until Saturday (4/02) hundreds of heads of households affected by flooding displaced by lifting the goods that can be saved. While the 2 units of motorcycles, motor beca 1 unit and 1 unit of public transportation that are owned by residents in Taman Sari Permai Housing, had left because of the floods because they can not be evacuated.

Information obtained, in addition to heavy rain which flushed the Deliserdang, flooding also caused Kirman water from mountain regions such as areas Sinembah Cape Young (STM) downstream, resulting in Batang river Quiz in the area overflowed, obviously accompanied by Zainal Abdin Hutagalung Kapolsek Tanjungmorawa, AKP Malto S Datuan ST SH and Koramil 16/TM Commander, Captain Kav Rianto.

Volunteers and SAR of A2 Tanjungmorawa Sat Brimobdasu Company, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Deliserdang, PMI North Sumatra, Deli Serdang Tagana, and SAR Team Rescue Brigade Scouts, to help residents affected by flooding to save valuables and clothing with the lower two rubber boats , two ambulance units 118.

Monitoring Analysis in addition to health posts established Public Health Service who reviewed directly Pemkab Deliserdang Health Kadis. Looks flood relief center was established in the area, and at sub-district head office Tanjungmorawa to accommodate the help of philanthropists. Help is coming, among others, in the form of rice, instant noodles, eggs and milk from Pemkab Deliserdang, Sentana Abadi Foundation, Lions Club Tamora Prima, the Chinese Society of Social Circle, and the Laskar Merah Putih.


MEDAN, – Executive Board Branch Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) of Medan, North Sumatra, disappointed and deeply regrets the statement of the Mayor of Medan Rahudman related Harahap back the floods hit some areas in the region.

“We regret that the mayor’s statement said flooding was not due to poor drainage or reduction in water catchment areas, but due to silting of the river,” said PDI-P Treasurer Medan Hashim Wijaya, accompanied by PDI-P Secretary Robby Barus, when handed over to victims of flooding in the area of Medan Petisah, Sunday (4/03/2011).

Harahap Rahudman previously mentioned, the floods that hit the city of Medan because of natural factors, not because of drainage that is not working or reduced absorption of water in the river basin (DAS).

“Floods caused silting of the river so little direct rain overflowed. It’s completely natural factors which then soak permukimam thousands of people living in the area Babura and Deli River,” said Rahudman when reviewing the location of flood, last weekend.

According to the PDI-P, should not be Rahudman issued a statement of sympathy and impressed not release such a responsibility.

“There should Rahudman issued a statement that actually impressed escape from responsibility. Moreover, in some locations we visited, aid posts from Medan city administration is still minimal,” said Hashim.

Medan city administration did not make the flood disaster in January 2011 as a valuable lesson.

According to Hashim, currently not the time to blame the shallowness or constriction of the river, but how to cope with and anticipate the possibility of a similar catastrophe in future.

He further said the exact steps to be taken Medan city administration is urging North Sumatra provincial government allocated a budget to do the dredging and widening of four rivers in the city, Babura River, Deli, Sunggal, and the River trail.

“Therefore, the PDI-P faction DPRD Medan Medan city administration to encourage talks with the North Sumatra provincial government to discuss this proposal,” said Vice Chairman of PDI-P faction DPRD Medan.