Indonesia Sinking: North and Sei Tualang Raso,the location of the worst hit by high sea tides


By Khan


Network – City Government (City Administration) Network was asked to find solutions to overcome the flood tide rob or water that has been soaking hundreds of homes in some areas. Therefore, the impact of a devastating flood rob the residents.

“It’s been a long time this event, so big tide came to our house flooded. We expect the attention of the government to find solutions, how to prevent entry of water into residential areas,” snapped a number of citizens, this morning.

Residents say the high sea tides cause terendamnya home residents, the location of the worst hit by flooding in the District Council rob North and Sei Tualang Raso. The phenomenon of flooding for some people rob suspect due to encroachment of mangrove forest that changes the function of a palm oil plantation.

“Mangroves are located on the coast Chart shavings now become the location of oil palm plantation owned by a rogue businessman. Since the floods struck rob, residents whose homes were flooded trying to find a solution by way of elevating their home floor, for those who do not have the funds would have to be willing to accept the reality bitter, “he said.

He mentions, the high tide water is not just soak the public roads and houses that residents in two districts, but also rob floods submerging highways at some point the City Council’s core, like the church and Jalan Jalan Sudirman, the tide even soak the bird Coast region .

The height of the tide is estimated at 40 sampai50 centimeter, a number of two-wheeled vehicles that pass in the area inundated rob had to be careful, while a disturbing phenomenon that people used a number of children to play and bathe.

Known, rob flooding hit the region again in the City Council is expected to tide the water submerged hundreds of houses which height is almost half a meter, which are even worse trash helped curb the tide drift away, residents tried to prevent entry of waste using barrier boards to avoid the waste is carried flow.