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BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION, In July BFI Southbank will present a short season dedicated to the work of Iranian director and actress Mania Akbari.

The highlight of the season will be a Q&A with the director following a screening of her debut fiction film 20 Fingers (2004) on Wednesday 17 July. Akbari is perhaps best known for her leading role in Abbas Kiarostami's Palme d'Or nominated Ten (2002), an innovative mix of fiction and documentary partly inspired by her own experiences. Since then, DANAZOL street price, Akbari has become one of Iran's boldest and most relevant filmmakers.

Her concerns with oppression, gender politics and the body as a hive of suffering and constant cosmetic attention echo those of filmmakers as radical and diverse as Todd Haynes, DANAZOL coupon, Jane Campion, David Cronenberg and Pedro Almodóvar. Titles screening in the season will include One, BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION. Two. One. (2007), DANAZOL dose, 30 Minutes to 6AM (2011) and From Tehran to London (2012). This season offers audiences a rare chance to hear from a filmmaker with a distinctive voice, and explore the early stages of a career which has surely only just begun to flourish. BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION, After a career as a painter for a number of years Akbari's career took a different turn - in 2002 she took the lead role in Kiarostami's Ten. Online buying DANAZOL, A year later, she co-directed her first documentary, Crystal (2002), and soon after that made her first fiction feature, 20 Fingers (2004), buying DANAZOL online over the counter. The latter demonstrates Akbari's fearlessness to engage directly with the politics of male-female relationships in Iran, highlighting differing attitudes towards such issues as virginity, fidelity, DANAZOL photos, pregnancy and abortion. Her approach to filmmaking has meant that she found herself, like many other Iranian filmmakers such as Jafar Panahi and Mohammod Rasoulof, at odds with the Iranian authorities:

"I always faced plenty of restrictions and obstacles, and of course, DANAZOL canada, mexico, india, my gender was a significant contributing factor too. As time went by, making films in Iran just kept becoming more and more difficult, DANAZOL australia, uk, us, usa, and as evidence shows, many film-makers were threatened, and some were even thrown in escape this state of contamination, I left Iran, with grief and sorrow, DANAZOL no rx, despite all my love and fascination for that geographical expanse" - Mania Akbari, June 2013.

After having diagnosed with cancer, Akbari made 10+4 (2007), Purchase DANAZOL online, which is in some degree, a belated sequel to 10. Interspersing astute observations on gender politics, bodies, attitudes towards illness and other related topics with moments of dark humour and (very touchingly) song, the film impresses for its courage and honesty, BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Also screening will be her latest film From Tehran to London (2012), which tells the story of a bickering couple who find tensions within their marriage mounting. Akbari began producing the film clandestinely in Iran, buy DANAZOL without prescription, but eventually 'completed' the film in London after her departure from her homeland.

Mania Akbari will be available for interview, please make any requests to Liz Parkinson, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Assistant Press Officer, BFI Southbank.

Screenings taking place in the season:


Iran 2001. BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION, Dir Abbas Kiarostami. With Akbari, Amin Maher, buy DANAZOL online no prescription. 92min. EST. 12A

Kiarostami's groundbreaking digital movie comprises ten conversations in a car filmed with two cameras fixed to the dashboard, DANAZOL wiki, one trained on the divorcee driver (Akbari), the other on her various passengers, including her memorably argumentative ten-year-old son. It was partly - but only partly - inspired by Akbari's own experiences, and the distinctive mix of minimalist style and emotional, political and philosophical depth in its evocative account of the lives of women in modern Tehran was to influence her own later work, BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Sun 14 July 18:20 NFT2

Sat 27 July 20:40 NFT2

20 Fingers

Iran 2004. With Akbari, buy cheap DANAZOL, Bijan Daneshmand. 72min. Video. EST BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION, Dedicated to Kiarostami, and consisting of seven variously fraught conversations between a woman (Akbari) and a man (Daneshmand, who also produced) which take place mostly in moving vehicles, Akbari's first feature proper is indebted to 10. DANAZOL from canada, That said, it engages more directly with the politics of male-female relationships in Iran, highlighting differing attitudes towards such issues as virginity, flirtation and fidelity, pregnancy and abortion, DANAZOL no prescription, freedom and sexuality. Simultaneously bold and subtle, daring but discreet, DANAZOL pharmacy, it makes effective use of place and pace.

* Q&A with Mania Akbari

Wed 17 July 18:20 NFT2*

Tue 23 July 20:40 Studio


Iran 2002. Dir Akbari, Mahmood Ayden. 54min, BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION. Video, DANAZOL long term. EST

Akbari's first film as (co-)director is on one level a fascinating documentary about Ayshe, a 19-year-old from a village in Kurdistan who has for some years been suffering a mysterious condition whereby she has been producing crystals that emerge painfully from different parts of her body. But at the same time it's also, Order DANAZOL online overnight delivery no prescription, characteristically, an exploration of the clash of modernity and traditional values, of science and superstition, and of the status of women in certain societies.

+ 10+4 Dah be alaveh chahar

Iran 2007, purchase DANAZOL online no prescription. BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION, With Akbari, Amin Maher, Roya Akbari. 77min. Video. EST

To some degree this is a belated sequel to 10, Discount DANAZOL, made after Akbari had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Again, the film initially makes fruitful use of conversations in cars (with son Amin, among others), though Akbari proceeds to range more widely than Kiarostami in her use of camera angles and locations, DANAZOL without prescription. Interspersing astute observations on gender politics, bodies, attitudes towards illness and other related topics with moments of dark humour and (very touchingly) song, the film impresses for its courage and honesty.

Tue 16 July 18:00 NFT2

Wed 24 July 18:00 Studio

One, BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION. Two. One Yek. Do. Order DANAZOL from United States pharmacy, Yek.

Iran 2007. BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION, With Neda Amiri, Payam Dehkordi. 79min. Video. EST

Combining meticulously timed lateral tracking movements and static shots that make inventive use of off-screen characters and sound, Akbari assembles a series of extended scenes in key locations - a beauty parlour, buy no prescription DANAZOL online, a psychiatrist's, a prison, a restaurant, After DANAZOL, a funicular, etc - to trace a woman's changing attitudes towards the variously violent, shallow and cowardly men in her life. A film about wounding and healing, trust and betrayal, DANAZOL class, dependency and growth, which leaves sufficient narrative space for imaginative engagement and reflection.

Wed 17 July 20:40 NFT2

Thu 25 July 18:40 Studio

30 Minutes to 6AM

Iran 2011, BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION. 56min. DANAZOL forum, Video. EST

The title alludes to the hour set for the execution of a 17-year-old boy who stabbed and killed a friend in a fight; according to the law of the Islamic Republic, a murder victim's family must either forgive the culprit or opt for the death penalty. Akbari solicits different opinions from a wide range of interviewees, punctuating their comments with scenes from popular Iranian films to demonstrate how machismo, DANAZOL blogs, traditional concerns with honour and reputation, and religious lore have propagated a culture in which notions of retribution are rife.

+ From Tehran to London

BUY DANAZOL NO PRESCRIPTION, Iran 2012. With Neda Amiri, DANAZOL over the counter, Bijan Daneshmand, Akbari. 45min. Video. EST

Already given to bickering with each other, a well-off publisher and a poet find the tensions within their marriage mounting when the live-in maid at their country house is no longer around and the wife's sister (Akbari) comes to visit. An illuminating, incisive look at different attitudes to traditional gender roles that resonates with unspoken emotions and secret desires, the film was 'completed' in London for reasons made painfully clear during the opening and closing sequences.

Thu 18 July 18:10 NFT2

Sun 28 July 16:20 Studio.