Joe Perry Rocks

Bright light fright, by Aerosmith, is a song from the album Draw the line, to me it was the song that got me hooked to the band, funnily enough it was a song sung by guitarist Joe Perry, unusual considering how powerful a vocalist Steven Tyler is, and what an amazing frontman and icon he is, so what on earth was l thinking getting into Aerosmith by way of a Joe Perry song, Another Joe Perry song l dug, was ‘Let the music do the talking, by the Joe Perry Project which later appeared on Aerosmith’s Done with Mirrors album. Ok l know Aerosmith have tonnes of great songs featuring Steven Tyler but right next to him you will find his arm wrapped around Joe Perry.

So l’ve finally got the Joe Perry biography Rocks, and i’m finding out stuff l never knew, like Joe Perry wanting to be a deep sea diver before getting the music bug, which paved his way into mine and millions of others lives. l totally get Joe Perry’s love for guitars, l still can’t walk past a guitar shop, and not pause, and drink in the lovely display of guitars in the shop front, daring me to come in and try them out, l’m kinda geeky this way and proud of it too.

Fashion was just as important as music was to Joe, always searching for the right clothes to fit the sound they were producing, as much as Joe and Steve were tight as songwriters and image overlords, they had a very firey relationship and would often fall-out, throughout their time together you cant have perfection in the rock n roll world thats for sure.

The thing is, it was falling apart in the 70s for these guys due to management issues, that seemed to keep occurring into the 80s, Joe actually left the band at the tail end of the 70s because of concerns he had, he formed the Joe Perry Project and just carried on playing, but temptation was too much and l’m sure the financial situation needed to change, and so he returned to the fold, with a new manager who would be a nightmare later on, and cause all manners of chaos for the lads, that they would feel they were in a cult.

Maybe lots of people knew about the drugs, those guys consumed, it almost messed em up in the 70’s, as it did with most giant rock acts of the time, so when they got back together to restart their careers they got cleaned up, but the new manager used this as a way to control them, and that was almost another disaster for them hence, why they felt they were in a weird cult, where they all suffered for the mistakes from their previous drug use.

This book is written like an adventure story, with little cliffhangers at the end of each chapter, as things just keep getting worse, even though they were great highlights for the Aerosmith clan, with great breakthroughs such as the collaboration with Run Dmc and having that huge hit from the movie Armageddon.

Joe was lucky, he had a great relationship with his family and especially with his wife Billie, who new the score and how to deal with it, and Joe is very grateful for having her in his life. At the end of the book we get a chapter on Joe’s guitars, and the set-ups of his sounds, so my nerd alert was in overdrive, this guy owns about 600 guitars good job he lives in a big place. Amazing book, the last l heard about Perry, was that he’s got this band with Alice Cooper called The Hollywood Vampires, and Johnny Depps involved on guitar duties, and l heard that Macca was involved in it as well, smells like another supergroup is on the horizon.

Chris McDougall