News Source :   https://www.rockoveramerica.com By Mark Lewis Karnivool is one of the newer bands to come down the pike in recent times.  Slash from Guns ‘N Roses had even said in an MTV interview that Karnivool is one of his favorite new artists.  There is a reason why he said this, as many who have been hearing them are in complete agreement with Slash.  Karnivool has a unique way of taking the Rock genre and doing something very unique and different with it.  They have set a standard that will be interesting for bands that come along after them to follow. ‘Sound Awake’ is the new album from Karnivool and it is chock full of Rock-N-Roll goodness. Moody when it needs to be melodic, in a good way, not a bratty way.  They have brought a beautiful and unique melody to each and every one of their songs.  They can be hard hitting as all get out on one song, such as “Goliath”, and then be melodic as a symphony orchestra on the next, such as on “Medicine Wears Off”.  The album is an interesting new road on the proverbial “Rock” highway.  There is a Bon Iver (think their song “Blood Bank”) and Ivison (a great band out of Texas) flair to their music. All and all if you have an open palette, musically speaking, definitely go out and get this one. You will be delighted and amazed at what you hear, each and every track.   In the footsteps of AC/DC and Dave Hole, Australia has sent out another amazing import.  God Bless the Aussies for this.