”Keith Richards On Keith Richards” Review


Keith on Keith kinda confused me at first, l was thinking didn’t he just write a

book detailing his exploits in his personal memoirs Life, however all is revealed to be not the case. This is a story of keef through various interviews throughout his musical career totally downright and very open insights into his distinguished Rolling Stones escapade, we get such delights of the reality of anticipating journo’s sitting patiently waiting for him to arrive (if it was me I’d probably be a shivering shipwreck) but it’s all good it’s a privilege, as is this collection of past interviews in somewhat valid magnificence.

Put together by Sean Egan (this fella has written tonnes of books check out his web ranging from The Beatles, Hendrix to Coronation Street) who archived this from various publications ranging from snippets from, Rolling Stones own fanzine to Zig Zag Magazine. At times when l was reading the Keith interviews l found myself imagining him speaking in the timbre which Johnny Depp nicked for his pirate captain Jack Sparrow but that says more about me and how l read books(like it’s on the wireless) funny though, reading those interviews when interviewed in The Côte d’Azur which is so gloriously long that its no wonder they only recorded a few songs for Exile on Main Street at Nellcote, well that and other distractions.

It’s also interesting to see into the drug decade (70’s)of Mr Richards where he gets confronted by being told about a group called the Sex Pistols saying he’s old hat. He ended up loving them a bit later on. Great stories are in abundance here everything and more for the die hards and the curious, you get where the songs are born, the riffs and which records sound good and bad on the CD remasters the whole truth your honour, and we have my fav’ Stones album revisited, smashing.

I love this book, weirdly more than Keith’s own biography but as he himself admits here, it’s hard to relate to someone who’s had his life. The brilliant jig about this book it’s like being the biggest Keith fan ever, the creme de la creme the complete set of interviews in a book form (no shit Sherlock), actually what you get is all the above plus extra bits that have either been edited out or at the time were unpublished at your feet no need to be a hoarder very 21st century, well maybe if you had it on a USB key that would be more modern, anyway l digress l should stop going on before l start writing Chris on Keith Richards on Keith Richards, blimey! Who needs that caper not l, enjoy me hearties enjoy.

By Chris McDougall