She will go to her grave to the sound of bitter protests and anger at the fact the £10million funeral will be paid for by hard-pressed taxpayers

Final goodbye: Margaret Thatcher will be given a funeral with ceremonial honours

NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE, When more than a million people lined the route of the Queen Mother’s funeral, they were there to say farewell to a national treasure held in genuine affection.

But there was growing fury last night that the same lavish send-off will be afforded to Margaret Thatcher – Britain’s most divisive PM who destroyed lives and shattered communities. NITRAZEPAM long term, And while the Queen Mum and Princess Diana before her went to their graves mourned by a grieving country, the former Tory leader will go to hers to the sound of bitter protests and anger at the fact the £10million ceremonial funeral will be paid for by hard-pressed taxpayers already being battered by savage cuts.

Critics lined up to slam next Wednesday’s event and the £5million security operation that will swing into action to prevent the day descending into chaos amid increasing fears of violence along the route from Westminster to St Paul’s Cathedral, online buying NITRAZEPAM.

They pointed to the difference in the outpouring of grief for the Queen Mother and Diana after their deaths compared with the split opinions that met 87-year-old Lady Thatcher’s – where some groups were seen celebrating in the streets.

A sea of flowers covered Kensington Gardens near Di’s home when she died in 1997, NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE. Kjøpe NITRAZEPAM på nett, köpa NITRAZEPAM online, Yesterday, just a couple of bouquets lay outside the ex-PM’s house in Belgravia, Central London, comprar en línea NITRAZEPAM, comprar NITRAZEPAM baratos, along with a pint of milk – a ­reference to her early nickname as Thatcher the milk snatcher. NITRAZEPAM without prescription, Flowers laid by mourners outside Kensington Palace for Princess Diana 1997: Flowers outside Princess Diana's Kensington Palace home


A carton of milk, Floral tributes and memorabilia outside the house of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who died from a stroke at the age of 87 Handful: A few bouquets and a pint of milk laid outside Thatcher's home

Labour MP John Mann led the calls for her funeral – with full military honours – to be paid for privately.

He said: “No ­politician now or in the future should have their funeral paid for by the taxpayer, low dose NITRAZEPAM.

"I’m happy for them to have St Paul’s but there is an ­important ­principle here. NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE, Politicians should not have their funerals paid for by the taxpayer.”

His colleague Graham Stringer called on a ­privatised industry such as BT to pay for the ­ceremony. Purchase NITRAZEPAM, He added: “I think that would be symbolic and ­beautifully appropriate.

"The church service with ­military honours I have no difficulty with. She was Prime Minister at a time when we were at war with Argentina, buy NITRAZEPAM from canada.

“It is the taxpayers’ money which she always claimed she wanted to save.”

Around 27, NITRAZEPAM interactions, 000 had last night signed an ­e-petition on the Government’s website expressing their anger at being forced to pay for the funeral of a woman who made £400 a minute from her speeches and was worth £9.5million – and once famously told European leaders: “No, no, no.”

A similar protest on had attracted 1, my NITRAZEPAM experience,500 signatures yesterday.

Funeral Service takes place at Westminster Abbey Pomp and circumstance: Thatcher's send-off will be similar to Princess Diana's


And hundreds of Mirror readers demanded Lady Thatcher’s entire send-off should be paid for her by her family rather than just a part of it which has been agreed, NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE. NITRAZEPAM forum, And they pointed out, her son Mark is said to be worth around £60million.

Joan Harris said: “If the Tories and big business want Margaret Thatcher to have a lavish funeral, NITRAZEPAM photos, OK, NITRAZEPAM coupon, but they should pay for it.

"A very big proportion of the population hated her with a vengeance and do not feel we should pay for her funeral.”

Janet Bowley added: “How dare they give this woman a funeral like Diana and the Queen Mother, it is a joke isn’t, purchase NITRAZEPAM online.

"In this economic climate when we are all being asked to live on £53 per week where is the money for it coming from, Buy generic NITRAZEPAM, it certainly should not be the taxpayer. NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE, “We could use £10million for the care of our elderly who are struggling from the policies she introduced all those years ago.

"All the people whose lives she ruined who suffered and are no longer with us will be turning in their graves.”

Inside St.Pauls

Pauline Hollins said: “Why should she get a funeral like Diana. Diana was loved for a start, purchase NITRAZEPAM for sale, all Thatcher did was completely ruin industry in this country. Get NITRAZEPAM, "Also why should we pay. The money should be going to those who really need it.”

Denise Clendinning added: “Why don’t they just have a simple service like normal people. After all she won’t be here to hog the highlight, NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE.

"Also, discount NITRAZEPAM, if she is having this special funeral then Tony Blair should have the same. NITRAZEPAM schedule, He served three terms and he did a better job then she did. Why is she so special.”

There was similar anger on Twitter.

JJ Briden tweeted: “If UK cannot afford to support the poor, NITRAZEPAM cost, weak, Where can i order NITRAZEPAM without prescription, sick & vulnerable, why are we paying for a millionaire tyrant’s funeral?”

Cat Hartland-Welch added: “Why are we paying for the funeral of someone who privatised Britain. NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE, Pay millions for that but treat poor & disabled people like beggars.”

The outcry came as it was revealed the Queen will break with protocol by attending the ceremony alongside key figures from world politics.

President Barack Obama, NITRAZEPAM from canadian pharmacy, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Where to buy NITRAZEPAM, French leader Francois Hollande, former Soviet chief Mikhail Gorbachev and ex-US Secretary of State Henry ­Kissinger are on the invite list.

Police across the capital have been ordered to cancel any leave they had planned for Operation True Blue next ­Wednesday, real brand NITRAZEPAM online.

There could be more than 4, Where can i find NITRAZEPAM online, 000 officers and 2,000 troops lining the route – numbers similar to those at Diana’s send off.

With millions watching around the world, NITRAZEPAM without a prescription, tensions will be high and senior officers are keen to avoid embarrassing incidents.

They are considering using pre-emptive stop and search powers to prevent violence, NITRAZEPAM FOR SALE. Buy NITRAZEPAM without prescription, Met chiefs are likely to use the Public Order Act, allowing police to stop anyone.

A spokesman said a senior officer can implement the law where they have the ­“intelligence and grounds too suggest it is necessary”, online buy NITRAZEPAM without a prescription.

Scotland Yard added: “We are mindful that this occasion has the potential to attract protest. NITRAZEPAM alternatives, “The Met wishes to speak to anyone who may chose to ­demonstrate on Wednesday, or in the coming days, so their right to protest can be upheld whilst respecting the rights of Baroness Thatcher’s family and those who wish to pay their respects.”

Hundreds of specialist police will be working on counter-terrorism measures, NITRAZEPAM treatment, with others carefully monitoring CCTV cameras for trouble spots.

Every corner of the route will be checked by sniffer dogs, with sewers and drains closed.

The Yard would not comment on the possible use of rooftop snipers.

Should Margaret Thatcher have a ceremonial funeral?