Membranes live in Manchester Fri March 4th


SPECIAL ONE OFF GIG! FROM LEGENDARY BAND Membranes play Manchester On Friday March 4th at Gullivers Oldham St Manchester £10 first 50 tickets are £10 with a free CD of the membranes critically acclaimed  'kiss ass godhead' album- email back for details... also...Membranes Marc Riley radio session Thursday March 3rd links for the gig below... tickets from here or tickets from here... all details from the facebook page here...LINK For more information check the Membranes on wikipedia or their website Formed in 1978 influential northern UK noiseniks the Membranes were central to the UK eighties post- post punk underground- a defiant, discordant, DIY scene of bands, fanzines and venues that sustained the remarkable and highly original  iconoclastic, underground culture of the mid 80's. Quoted as an influence by bands as diverse as My Bloody Valentine, Wedding Present, Big Black, Napalm Death, Mercury Rev, The Ex, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pussy Galore, many of the UK eighties underground noise scene,  the Boredoms, German noise bands, Franz Ferdinand and modern bands like Flats- they were, perhaps the last stand of DIY culture in the UK. The Death To Trad Rock scene in the UK and the Membranes were sometimes recording some of the most extreme music ever or making a willfully awkward, northern, psychedelic, pop noise. The period has just been documented in Membranes frontman John Robb's book on the scene, 'Death To Trad Rock' (Cherry Red Books) Peel favourites the Membranes initial releases were spiky, left field, twisted, guitar pop before veering into darker and heavier territory with their mid eighties metal bashing, heavy bass, discordant revelry of their death To trad rock period where they were seen as the UK equivalent of the Boredoms in Japan or Einsterzende Neubaten in Berlin or the about to emerge post hardcore noise scene in the USA of Big Black. The Membranes would have been the first signings to Creation records but the label had no budget to put them in the studio. They eventually signed to McGee’s label a year releasing their 1985 debut album and indie chart number one, 'Gift of Life'. At the infamous Reading riot gig a watching Creation Records boss Alan Mcgee was inspired by the chaos and by Membranes superfan Marcus Parnell’s idea to dress the band in leather trousers to create his own moment of pop cultural history of the leather clad Jesus And Mary Chain riots.Their following albums, 'Songs Of love And Fury' and the Albini recorded 'Kiss Ass. Godhead' were big critical and cult successes in the USA and the band toured American consistently supported by bands as diverse as Afghan Whigs, Pussy Galore and White Zombie. In America they were regarded as being the UK representative of the post hardcore wave of bands like Big Black and Sonic Youth. The band split in 1990 with John Robb becoming a well known music journalist/TV presenter/author and frontman for Goldblade and reformed specially for All Tomorrows Parties at the request of My Bloody Valentine and play sporadic gigs and festivals worldwide.