Mick Jones To Help Save 100 Club.

NEWS SOURCE - Clashmusic.com


The Clash guitarist Mick Jones has revealed that he would be open to fund raising attempts to save The 100 Club.

One of London's most historic venues, the 100 Club was initially a jazz venue. When the rush towards modern jazz hit the city, the club stood at the epicentre hosting a series of historic shows.

Later a home to the Mod scene, the 100 Club is a natural venue which oozes history. Later giving birth to punk rock, the London venue hosted seminal early shows from The Sex Pistols and The Clash.

Now under threat due to spiralling rents, the 100 Club could close by Christmas unless an injection of cash is found. The London venue has plenty of friends, however, with a vociferous online campaign being launched by fans.

A Facebook group promoting the plight of the venue now has over 7000 members, with some rock royalty offering assistance.

Speaking to Spinner, The Clash guitarist Mick Jones revealed that he would be willing to help his own stomping ground. "I'm sorry to hear it might be closing," he said. "It will be greatly missed if it closes. Someone should start a campaign to save it."

Continuing, the guitarist offered his assistance to the campaign. "If someone's going to do something and I'm available then I'd love to help," he explained. "You have to balance it with the fact that life changes, but I'd love to help."

Owner Jeff Horton told BBC 6Music that he was "angry" about the rise in rates. "It makes me so angry. The Government, Westminster council and even some of the commercial landlords say they want to help small businesses, they say they want to preserve London's uniqueness, they want to help multi-cultural venues."

"Yet we're all that and all these organisations have all dumped on us from a great height."

However a spokeswoman from Westminster Council hit back at the owner's claims. "The council has no control over the setting of rent or business rates. We accept that times are hard but central government set the rates and the council collects it on their behalf."