Miss Sierra Leone Holland


The Sierra Leone Action Group (SLAG), a humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization which seeks to contribute to the development of Sierra Leone with a specific focus to improve the lives of underprivileged children in Sierra Leone, on the 13th October 2012, for the first time in the history of Sierra Leoneans in the Netherlands, organised a beauty contest in which nine beauty queens contested for the Miss Sierra Leone Holland title. According to the organisers, the event is not only meant for fundraising to help underprivileged children back home (at the Pentecostal Orphanage), but also as a source of inspiration for young girls in the Diaspora, and to serve as good will ambassadors for the SLAG Foundation.

The event, which was held in the Dutch city of Malden (via Nijmegen), attracted a huge population and dignitaries from the community, among which were Miss Africa Holland, and other beauty Pageants from other African countries such as Guinea, Rwanda, and so on. Paramount among them was the Sierra Leonean Mrs. Haja Fatmata Wurie (Head of Chancery Sierra Leone Embassy in Brussels), who declared the floor open for the contestants. In her opening remarks, Mrs.Wurie applauded the organizers for their good initiative and hard work. She urged the cheering crowd to continue to promote the image of our beloved nation in this part of the world for a brighter future.

Among the contestants were Miss Wuyata Sowa (winner), Miss Edna Moseray (2nd), Miss Mariatu Kamara, Miss Fatmata Daramy, Miss Magna Thomas, Miss Macella Sesay, Miss Janet Marnoh Sesay, Miss Rose Salamatu Kargbo, and Miss Rosemary Bangura, each representing a district in Sierra Leone. The panel of judges, after what they described as “thorough scrutiny”, eventually declared Miss Wuyata Sowa (a law student at the University of Leiden) the winner and the new Miss Sierra Leone Holland. Miss Wuyata Sowa (photo) with a great enthusiasm thanked everyone for what she described as “a shocking thing to me” for the great title and vowed to do her best to promote the goals of the SLAG foundation for the development of Sierra Leone.

“I want to be part of an organization that empowers people,” and observed that “a woman’s true beauty is the good she does in the world. I believe I can do many good things.” As part of her winning prize is a return ticket to Sierra Leone, in which she will visit the International Pentecostal Orphanage in Grafton. The trip is intended not only to meet with the vulnerable and helpless children, but also to transform their situation to optimism.

The Sierra Leone Action Group has its seat in the city of Enschede, with Osman Bangura and Mackie Jeng as co-founders, and Khalid Kamara and Sorie Ibrahim Kragbo and many more in the US and UK as members. The event was co-hosted by Miss Seray Kakay, Ibrahim Kondeh (aka Play boy), and Cidi from New York, and ended with a party.

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