Modern Age Nannies

When you think of nannies you have recollections of Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee, nowadays it's a whole different tickle. I used to think nannies arrived from the clouds with umbrellas as parachutes, now it's off to work in a chauffeur driven Bentley. You even get invited to royal garden parties, film Premieres, get generous bonuses, paid holidays and expensive gifts, well the lucky and the good ones do. However this is a high pressured job as you have to be constantly vigilant and endlessly patient, you need to have a lot of energy (a full time nanny works around 10-12hrs/day and if you add the babysitting hours on the top of that it can literally take over your life). A nanny become part of a family and fit in to their day to day functions, parents depend on their nanny to meet or exceed the terms of their working relationship, the nanny is trusted to do her job well and to provide outstanding care. If you are great at this job it can pay very well financially, depending on your qualifications, references and years of experience, if you think you can do this work here's some tips according to a top nanny who is very qualified in this field (and no it is not Nanny McPhee, she was not available to comment and Mary Poppins has retired). To be a great nanny you genuinely have to love the company of children, have an understanding of child development, are pro-active, creative and safety conscience. You will also need to be extremely patient (nannies spend countless hours with children and must be able to handle children's moods and behaviours without losing their temper or become outwardly irritated). You need to be prepared to handle an emergency have a sound judgment, must be reliable and flexible. And no matter what, you always have to arrive at work with a big smile and be very cheerful. If you think you can do all those things then it's the perfect job.Right that's a lot of things to take on board. l have to say this is not a job that l could relish, l'm rubbish at multi-tasking and this seems like multi-tasking overload plus you have to have the patience of a saint.I think that people who do this kind of work are superheroes to me, l know some, get well rewarded for this work but they should get a million pounds a week, the same for parents who devote their time to their children in the same manner. Chris McDougall ( A popular nanny on her way to work)