Morrissey Autobiography

Morrissey is someone l have always struggled with, but in recent times l have softened and l have come round to the world of all things Morrissey related, and you know what? lm glad l did it. So here l am tackling his autobiography, and his book is indeed worthy of high praise, why? well because of the style of his writing, it is superb. Like l said, l was a very latecomer to his music, even though, l have been aware of his songs, they would appear in my head at times, humming along to one of his many hits, they really are catchy tunes. l often wonder why l was so dismissive of his songwriting, l remember liking the music of The Smiths but did not like his singing style, maybe it's the curse of being a musician, one of the downsides is that you get this kind of snobbery towards fellow artists, and you put up these invisible walls, that are so unnecessary, sometimes you get stuff instantly, and at other times it takes a while to break down them barricades. As l'm emerged in his memoirs, to pore over, and it feels like l am in a tornado thrashing my way through, this book, that l do not want to put down, it is like an addiction, maybe because there are no chapters, no stopping till the end. It is just glorious from Stevens birth, school which was, hideous for the Moz with, its out of the Victorian age, of education, and this was in the early seventies, my how times have changed, thank crikey. Onwards we go to his love of Rock n Roll and all things Glam and the beauty of the sixties girl groups and solo artists such as Buffy Saint Marie. I'm thrilled to find out he is such a music fan, l was once told by a former manager, that l was too much of a music fan which did unbalance me for a while, till l came to my senses and realised, l can't not love music. Morrissey tells me of his love of The New York Dolls and the gift that is Johnny Marr, then having to deal with the horrible court case, where former Smiths drummer Mike Joyce takes him to the cleaners, and the suffering ensures, and the repercussions are ugly. Even if your not a fan of Morrissey, you should try and read this book, it is his truth and need's to be addressed it sometimes feels like, there is a Morrissey conspiracy going on, and if there is ,he lets you know his side, he is such a controversial character and with the recent cancer story surrounding his well being, it would be, a sad world without this man and his opinions. Meantime he continues to tour. Morrissey plays the O2 this saturday 29th Nov His latest album is called World Peace Is None Of Your Business Chris McDougall