Morrissey Live in London

Ok so having just read Morrissey’s autobiography, l now find myself on route to the O2 in North Greenich, wow that’s a bit of journey getting there from West London but due to the recent incursions of going Eastbound to Limehouse, the Troxy, it was actually a walk in the park getting to the O2 so no worries there.

So we kinda of missed most of Anna Calvi who was opening, and she is such a great talent but what we witnessed was of great calibre, and very enjoyable especially doing a cover of Frankie Laine’s Jezebel.

After a short interlude of music-films, being transmitted from the stage on a giant screen and featuring the likes of The Ramones, Brian Eno, Charles Aznavour the New York Dolls and others. Morrissey takes the stage dressed in all-white, and resembling an almost Elvis -Aloha From Hawaii outfit, minus the rhinestones and in a more suitable manner, he opens the set with The Queen Is Dead, followed by Suedehead. Ok so far so good, l am familiar with both numbers one of them has been in my head for years. he then plays a bunch of stuff from his latest album World Peace Is None Of Your Business, even better for me as l have been listening to this quite a lot so I’m getting in to this, l particularly like Staircase at the University with its statement “if you dont get 3 A’s your dear daddy says your no child of mine…”. In fact, most of the new album takes up most of his set. Morrissey is such a big character you can’t take your eyes of him, and before playing The Smiths classic Meat is Murder he comments on the recent chicken contaminated packaging incident with a mighty hearty Ha Ha Ha. Just before the encore drummer Matt Walker kicks his drumkit over the stage, and there’s me thinking, its gonna take ages to set that up again, but the roadies are on it, and in no time at all the kit is back in position.He only plays one encore with 2 oldies The Smiths’ Asleep and his own Every Day Is Like Sunday and its all over, just before Morrissey exits the stage he leaves us with the affecting words ‘Remember me but don’t remember my fate.

When l read up on the comments people made of this show, a lot of people were unhappy with his choice of songs, saying he played to many of the new songs, but for me this was a bonus, it was my first time at a Morrissey concert, and l have heard so many negative things, like for example he may cancel the gig, well this never happened, and l throughly enjoyed myself, l thought the band played amazing, incredible musicians, the sound was excellent and Morrissey was singing and performing well.

Chris McDougall