Nothing Ever Lights Forever

Echo and the Bunnymen. It's Sunday night and it has been a really hot day in West London as we venture round the corner to The Shepherds Bush Empire to watch Echo And The Bunnymen play a rescheduled date. We get there early when the doors open this is for two reasons one is to get a decent seat upstairs and the other is to watch Black Submarines who l thought was the opening band, wrong instead we get an unknown band to me called Then Thickens who as it turns out are pretty good, a young band who are on the move. l love new bands as I'm one of those who wants the music scene to prosper so thumbs up to the bunnys for bringing em on. The Bunnymen take to the stage in virtual darkness, it is hard to see em but that's the way they like it. Playing new numbers in amongst their classics such as The Cutter which sounds good and fresh, new songs are pretty good especially Holy Moses and the middle eastern sounding Constantinople work well with the older more well known songs played tonight like Killing Moon. I dont know why but l find that when I'm watching upstairs from my balcony and getting the flash hits from the stage lights, l find it hard to focus on Big Mac (Ian McCulloch) singer and charismatic frontman of the Bunnymen. I'm not sure if my eyesight is getting poorer or if it is just the lack of stage lights, l hope it's the latter. They play a great encore of Nothing Ever Last Forever which segues into Lou Reeds classic Walk On The Wild Side. They even come back and play one more new number, then it's home to bed as it's closing time on a Sunday, early to bed late to rise or is that something else? Anyway please go and see Echo And The Bunnymen whenever you can, maybe bring some torches the ones with batteries as l don't think Health and Safety not to mention Fire safety Officers would allow the use of fire branded torches like they had in olden times in caves and castles. p.s The photos l took all came out too dark so maybe my eyes are gonna be ok phew Chris McDougall