Patent For A Pig !!!!!

How Long until were eating GM meat????

pig pic

The World of Genetic Engineering has been a top subject matter debate for many years now. Over the last 50 years major companies such as ‘Monsanto’ have been developing genetically modified crops to be sold on a world wide scale.

Of course there is an ethical issue regarding the genetic modification (GM) of any part of our world, whether its food the environment or wildlife.

But perhaps more worryingly, is how the large scale demand for such products places the companies which own the patent behind GM crops in a position of undisputed power. Effectively developing an ownership monopoly the worlds food supply.

To make matter worse, if a patent legislation is passed, it could be possible that in the next decade major companies could obtain a patented ownership of Animals bread for food, such as pigs and chickens.

the documentary below elaborates of this subject matter, highlighting the economical political and ethical issue regarding the GM food Monopoly.