Punk Rock Canada – Crash’n’Burn Part 1 (1977)


Peter Vronsky film featuring Steve Leckie (Nazi Dog) and the Viletones, Teenage Head, the Dishes and interviews with David W. Buchan, Peter Goddard, Danny Fields and Gary Cormier. Shot at the Crash’n’Burn and the New Yorker Theater in Toronto June 1977 and CBGB and Times Square Motor Inn in New York City, the summer of punk rock and new wave, when Toronto punk bands played the Bowery: July 7-8, 1977 (7-7-77) .

Director and Producer: Peter Vronsky
Editor and Co-Producer: Robert Schroder
Cinematography: Joe Sutherland and Peter Vronsky
Audio: Peter Chapman and Yasmin Karim
Narration by Mike Fitzgerald
A Peter Vronsky-CBLT (CBC TV) Co-Production, 1977

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