Rebellion Festival For A Day

Speeding my way to Blackpool on the train, what a luxury and it's a nice change, usually l get the coach up, this is ok but can be draining on the soul but at least it's a means to getting there and a whole lot cheaper, but l have to say I'm preferring the train this year and l found a slightly cheaper way than the usual expensive prices that train tickets cost ( and just in time for the fortrhcoming price hikes) Anyway, l make it to Blackpool in record time and in no time I'm checked into my digs in a bed and breakfast not to far away from the Winter Gardens, which is my destination for the Punk festival which will run all weekend. Today is Thursday and l am only here for the day, my room was upgraded as somebody did not want to climb the stairs, so instead of a double room I'm in a family room and l'm on my own, where's a family when you need one? not here that's for sure. Right the main reason that I'm here in Blackpool is to play a concert with the musical biscuit that is called "The Duel" who is the band that I'm here with and we are playing The Casbah which is one of the many stages that Rebellion has to offer, usually we tend to play in the Olympia but that has been shut down this year, there are loads of stages here like The Pavillion, The Empress Ballroom, The Almost Accoustic Stage, Bizzare Bizzare and the Arena who all host many many Punk bands and some surprise stuff as well so it's kinda eclectic. When l arrive l get my wristband of Tara, l then hook up with TJ who is our current bass player, l use to play bass in the band but have recently switched over to play guitar. We decide to take a tour of the event which includes walking through the many stalls and bars and stages, we watch some bands which are all great and very diverse, after a while we hit a bar and have a drink. One of my most favourite things to do here is chat and catch up with people who you haven't seen for ooh at least the last time l was here, it's great to me this is what rebellion is all about, meeting up with all your friends and catching up also meeting new people too, the only downside to this is you tend to leave it a bit late if you want to watch a band so it helps if you are fit. I hook up with Jimi (drummer) who is playing his first show with us, talk about throwing him in the deep end poor fella. We then do another lap round the Winter Gardens, this time we take in the wonderful themed rooms like a pirate ship bar and a medieval room with flags and some room with tiny buildings on the ceiling very surreal and most pleasing. Anway soon enough l have to go and fetch my guitar and set up for our gig in the carpark next to the empress room, this is a very good place to have the Casbah Stage as it serves as the smoking area so l know we gonna have a good sized crowd and yes sure enough we have,. We play our show and Jimi does a grand job and we finish our set and then l take my guitar back to my massive room and l return to hang out and meet more top new people. Jimi and Sanny and l are the last to leave so it shows what a good time we are having and in know time at all I'm soon tucked up in bed and ready to depart in the morning back to London. Chris McDougall ( Casbah Stage from the side facing the crowd)