REVIEW: The Duel – ‘All Aboard The Crazy Train’

The Duel – All Aboard The Crazy Train [Album]

Reviewed by Katie Nagy

Since they formed in 2001 The Duel have gone from strength to strength releasing well received albums and extensively toured the UK, Europe and some legendary US punk-rock clubs including New York’s CBGB before it permanently closed its doors. Starting as a two piece with Tara Rez on vocals and Andy Theirum on bass and Keyboards, the band expanded into a full line up and supported the mighty Dead Kennedys for their first punk show. The band has garnered impressive music reviews in magazines such as Viva Le Rock and Big Cheese magazine as well as racking up a dedicated fan base and respect from fellow artists.

Their third album ‘All Aboard The Crazy Train’ has a classic punk sound reminiscent of the Ramones, The Clash and The Sex Pistols. Right from the opening song ‘Crazy Train’ you feel the band is trying to get a message across about the current state of the world as Rez’s powerful vocals set you up for wild ride.

The album continues to pay homage to punk-rockers that have come before with songs such as ‘Singin n Dancin’, ‘Loneliness’, ‘Blaze of Fury’ and ‘Troubled England’ littered with heavy, catchy bass lines and well placed guitar riffs which gives this album a genuine 70s punk feel. The rest of the album continues along with strong, socially relevant lyrics and classic punk sounds. Songs like ‘We The People’, ‘Yooth’ and ‘The Way London Used To Be’ are classically crafted punk songs with a modern political feel.

The bonus track ’2 Suns’ has an almost psychedelic punk feel, with a faced moving pace and dark, impressive vocals. It is certainly an interesting inclusion that works well as the final album track.

All in all an impressive piece of work. All 16 tracks on this album are well crafted and thoughtfully recorded to pay homage to the punk rock bands that have come before them, but continues to stay modern and edgy with relevant lyrics and catchy sounds.