Rhage: Sensational music star in Sierra Leone


La-Toya Rhage Bianca, the sensational, dynamic, sexy and incredible upcoming Sierra Leonean music icon, is releasing more of her promotional songs in the coming days.

The songs in question are not only sensual but are sure blockbusters by Sierra Leone and even by international standards. Rhage, as she is popularly known, is indeed a musical force to reckon with.

In the revealing interview below, she narrates her rise to fame and tells how she was inspired at an early age into the world of music.

RHAGE LYRICS: a reflection of my experiences

Lyrical RHAGE

AYV: Tell us about Rhage?

RHAGE: I am a student, disc jockey, media practitioner, song writer and singer, stylist and fashionista. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America (USA) on the 12th September to Elizabeth Gerber and Solomon Gerber. I am an only child; and I love being an only child…and yes, I am spoilt! Lo!. I lived in England for three years and I first came to Sierra Leone when I was 4. I attended International Primary School for six years; completed my secondary school at the Limout College and Lebanese International School. I am about to start my first year at the Fourah Bay College (FBC), University of Sierra Leone.

AYV: How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

RHAGE: Well…I officially started my musical career this year. And so far I have recorded four promotional songs that are currently being played on radio airwaves, homes, cars, clubs and bars.

AYV: What are the titles of your songs and which amongst them is your current hit song?

RHAGE: Umm….The first song I recorded was titled ‘Closing the Distance’; followed by ‘Nah Lie’,the remix of which I did with Nasser Ayoub. A month later I recorded ‘Undecided’. And a week ago, I released my brand new song titled ‘Borbor Show’. Among these songs, ‘Nah Lie’ remains my favourite and the most successful so far.

AYV: Who inspired you into music?

RHAGE: I was never really interested in music until a good friend of mine, I should say, discovered my musical ‘talent’. He noticed something in me that I never knew existed in me. And as they say, the rest is history.

AYV: What type of songs do you do and what messages are you passing through your lyrics?

RHAGE: Well em…I have a very eclectic taste in music, so I find myself exploring different genres when I record a song. My songs range from hip hop, to RnB, to pop, to jazz and soul.

I try my best to write lyrics that people can easily relate to. I put a lot of thoughts into my lyrics…let’s just say, my lyrics are a reflection of my experiences lo!

AYV: Do you have musicians you admire?

RHAGE: I have many; both local and international. Artists like Alonzo, Famous, Emmerson, and Ragga Spice are among my favourite Sierra Leonean musicians. I also admire upcoming musicians like myself, Esther, G-Money, and Zarah. Internationally, Rihanna and Beyonce are of course my biggest inspirations. However, I admire a lot of others too.

AYV: Are you currently working on an album?

RHAGE: For now, I am concentrating on promoting my current songs, and establishing myself as a musician in the country. I wanna see how that goes before I set about doing an album.

AYV: What are the traits you like and dislike in humans?

RHAGE: I like honesty, loyalty, kindness, and generosity. I dislike haters, fake people, attention seekers, back stabbers and opportunists.

AYV: You have hobbies; yes. Tell us about them?

RHAGE: I enjoy my solitude; that way I can do the things I love the most, like reading…yes, I actually do love reading; am not just saying. I also love gossiping with my mom; she is my best friend…even though we argue all the time (laughs).

AYV: What’s your favourite colour?

RHAGE: My favourite colour is black, because it goes with everything.

AYV: Do you have any message for friends and fans?

RHAGE: I appreciate all the support I am getting from my friends and fans. And I want to send them a special thank you message for motivating me to continue to give out my best.