Rockin In The 70s

Chris McDougall Oh what a time to be a working musician rocking the globe back in the early nineteen seventies and what a superb thing 70's TV shows such as "The Beat Club" form Germany and "The Old Grey Whistle Test" form Britain were. It has been more than useful to investigate into the band "Humble Pie" and also the book that Jerry Shirley who drummed in the band wrote called 'The Best Seat In The House. Jerry was an original member along with Greg Ridley (formally of Spooky Tooth) on Bass and vocals, Peter Frampton (ex The Herd) on Guitar and Vocals and Steve Marriot (ex Small Faces) also on Guitar and Vocals, what an explosive quartet they were. Jerrys book deals with the golden period of the bands career from 1969-1975. He should write a book on the lives of his parents who both had led remarkable upbringings and adventures, his mother must have circumnavigated the world at least three times before air travel was fashionable, a right Indiana Jones and his Dad had more than his fair share of adventures too, like going fishing with hand grenades, there's a tip for you there "Robson Green". Back to "The Pie", who also had a thing for travelling with their many tours of the USA and to the amazing faith Record labels had back in the 70's, when you could release a few albums before the wolf came knocking and jilted you, by the way you can still do this nowadays if you're a" Do It Yourself "band, in fact you can do this as long as you wish with todays technology, with internet and suchlike but I'm moving away from the target here. Jerry Shirley's book deals with what really happened with "Humble Pie", something that I'm really grateful for, l was under the impression "Humble Pie" were a bit of a disaster and they should have been a lot more well known than they were, Jerry explains his side and is nothing but gracious about the whole thing. For example he has nothing but love for his bandmates and managers and he explains the events in a very courteous manner. "Humble pie" are probably best known for their live in concert opus "Rockin The Fillmore", arguably one of the best live album's of the seventies, it boosts a 23 minute version of "Dr Johns" "Walking on Guilded Splinters", that's about as long as an episode of " Coronation Street". How gloriously self indulgent the things you could get away with then,this album was in someway a purveyor for "Peter Framptoms" the biggest selling live double album to date "Frampton Comes Alive". My favourite "Pie" album always has been "Smokin" which was their first without Frampton and the first to feature "Clem Clempson" on Guitar, this album has always been in my collection, thanks to my Dad for putting it there for me. "Humble Pie" never really got the merit they deserved, maybe it was because they were so overwhelmed by the success of bands like" Led Zeppelin", " Black Sabbath", "Deep Purple" and "Free" or maybe it's because they had many strings to their Bow merging "Rock n Roll/Soul/Blues/Gospel" but then so did "The Rolling Stones" and "The Faces "ah well they'll always have a place in my heart.