Ruts DC Legends on tour as Special Guests of The Damned

The Damned /Ruts DC Tour

Helping to bring 2013 to a dramatic and thrilling close, punk and reggae fusion pioneers RUTS DC join The Damned as Special Guests on the gothic punk’s UK tour. Consisting of 15 sure to linger deep in the memory shows, the coupling of two of the most consistently inspirational punk bands since 1976 and ‘77 respectively is destined to go down in history, just as the previous tours undertaken by the bands together.


Photo by Dod Morrison

As Ruts and subsequently Ruts DC, one of punk rock’s most creative and provocative forces worldwide has unleashed a live incitement which burns at the senses and passions, igniting thoughts and imagination whilst inflicting the strongest pleasure. The same is as just as deeply true with The Damned, a band which has led UK punk to persistent firsts from day one and over the decades like their tour companions, stretched and explored boundaries for others to flourish within. It is when together though that both bands seem to produce a fire and presence unique to the events, a specific energy and riot the coming together of the innovation of John “Segs” Jennings and Dave Ruffy with the Kings of evocative gothic melodrama is preordained to repeat and forge greater levels of adventure for at the upcoming charge of highly anticipated dates, the pair’s alignment a predetermination to an intense excitement peculiar to the attendees of their union.


Beginning at the O2 Academy Bristol on November 28th, taking in the likes of Leicester, Cambridge, Edinburgh, and London before closing on a bound to be incendiary night at the Roadmender in Northampton on December 15th, each show is poised to deliver nights of dub spliced invention fused with spicy punk/reggae confrontation from the creators of one of this year’s best albums “Rhythm Collision Volume 2”, Ruts DC once again leading the way in genre re-invention, and shadow caressing gothic rock mastery from Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible and co.

With additional guests on certain dates alongside the two monoliths of visionary British rock music, the tour is one nobody should consider missing, the prospect and excitement of fans already setting the pace for events this year going into the next.

the damned poster

By Pete RingMaster