Save Our NHS: get-together near you!

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Hundreds of 38 Degrees members have now been in touch to say they’d like to host a Save Our NHS get-together. Thousands more have said they’d like to attend an event. It’s been an amazing response!

So now it’s time to get planning. We haven’t got long – political insiders are saying that the new health laws could be published as soon as next week. It’s time to start getting together with other 38 Degrees members in local cafes, living rooms, and community centres. We’ll be hatching plans to let our local MPs know that we want them to vote against changes that could hurt our NHS.
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Getting together to plan how we’ll protect our NHS has never been more important, or more urgent. Experts are saying that the government’s plans for the health service could “endanger lives”. [1] With MPs starting to vote on whether the bill becomes law, only pressure from their voters can make sure that they don’t vote to harm the NHS. If we work together, we can make sure the vote goes the right way.

Organising a get-together isn’t a big job. The 38 Degrees members who organised the first few meet-ups before Christmas said that they went pretty smoothly. Patrick, from Staffordshire, who held an event in a local cafe, said, “Organising an event with 38 Degrees was not only easy, worthwhile and informative but above all enjoyable!”.

There’s lots of help on the 38 Degrees website. There’s an action pack designed to give ideas about how to host a get-together and how to put pressure on your MP. There’s also a step-by-step guide to adding your event to our website. And once the new law is published, there will be information about that, too.

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Together, we’ve already built a huge petition and shared tens of thousands of stories about why the NHS is precious. We’ve heard stories about babies being born, lives being saved and people being treated with kindness and care at the end of their lives. Now it’s time to get together and make sure that the next generation can rely on the NHS too.

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