We are sorry to announce that the Release Helpline is due to close UNLESS it receives some funding from the private sector to continue. Relase have set up an official Facebook for this cause and this is what it says on it :

'Without new funding, the Release helpline will close. A lot of our calls come directly from the government's drugs line FRANK, because they do not have our expertise or knowledge. But the government won't give us any funding. HELP save the HELPLINE'
While some people understand the importance of the work of Release, some less informed people think 'it's only junkies so why bother' we can say this, because we have heard people mockingly say this first hand. 
Anyone who has been addicted or is addicted or has had a loved one who's gone thru hell or who has lived with some one's addiction hell KNOWS how important Release's work .. Started by Caroline Coon 43 years ago and continued brilliantly by many over the years, who had and are working there now ... this is not the time for services like this to be kicked out of our society.
It feels like these days we only have each other.  Man must save Man.  If we don't where will it all end up?
Please do your bit and at the least share the information on Release facebook to all your friends or if you can help any more please get in touch with Release direct.
Points of contact for email are :