Sham 69 and Chelsea up and coming performances

Undoubtedly one of the largest and best punk bands of an era Sham 69 are as influential today as they were in the lat 1970's.   Led by the charismatic and unstoppable Jimmy Pursey, they continue to perform at a level unchallenged by the vast majority of punk bands! There performances are both exciting and ear smashing, True to the real punk ethos... Another band that further defined the punk rock genre is Chelsea. Often known as the group the spawned the birth of Generation X lead by Billy Idol. Although not as commercial successful as Generation X, Chelsea are unquestionably part of the fabric of UK punk culture. It is a little known fact that the lead singer from Chelsea 'Eugine October' played an integral part in the creation of the first ever Live Punk Rock Venue in London Called 'The Roxy'. He did this by Persuading a nightclub manger to convert his venue in convent garden venue into a heaven for the London Punk Rock Culture. Below are some up and coming performances by the two bands. If you really love Punk Music you would be stupid to miss out on these opportunities.. sham 69 leeds sham69 2 sham 69 3