Street punk Legends Sham 69 release new single!

‘Millwall Boys’ Single Out May 2010


The single is a reworking of Sham 69’s classic hit ‘Hersham Boys’. The song ‘Millwall Boys’ is in aid of the ‘Millwall Community Trust’ which aids the support of its Community Scheme in South London.

This scheme enables young kids from the local communities to take a more positive role in life. Its also enables kids with disabilities to improve their life through active sports and recreation.

The single is also doubled up with the universally famous track ‘If The Kids Are United’ This track is in aid of the Jimmy Mizen Foundation which is continuously campaigning against knife crime on the streets of the UK.

The foundation is combating crime on the streets by making kids and parents aware of the dangers of knife crime. The song empowers people to look at things more closer and to bring to a head the futility of such things.

WE love Sham 69. They are one of the hardest working punk bands around right now, giving much valued support to the DIY Punk Scene Worldwide.

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