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“You’re playing with the spider who possess the sky…”

You may remember the Drive-In Saturday 40th Anniversary 7” exclusive Record Store Day picture disc that we mentioned yesterday…we certainly hope you do!

Well, we‘re going to tell you about a second such Bowie RSD exclusive release today too.

The reason we’ve left it till now is because the record won’t be available in either the US or Canada, so we thought it best to leave it till the majority of those folk are asleep before we mentioned it!

The David Bowie 1965! EP is a 4-track 7” which collects together both of the singles Bowie released in 1965, with The Manish Boys and The Lower Third respectively.

If the release seems at all familiar, that may be because it’s been available since 2007 as a digital release. (

The EP was also released in the same 4-track vinyl format in 1979. Or it may just be that you clearly remember 1965 when both the original 45s were issued. Either way, here are the details for this particular release:

David Bowie 1965! EP 7” Record Store Day exclusive
7” black vinyl (World excluding US & Canada)

1. The Manish Boys – I Pity The Fool
2. The Manish Boys – Take My Tip

1. Davy Jones & The Lower Third – You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving
2. Davy Jones & The Lower Third – Baby Loves That Way

FOOTNOTE: If you’re wondering where today’s lyric quotation comes from, you may be comforted to learn that it’s from Take My Tip, the first of Bowie’s compositions that he ever released. Good to see that spider theme started so early.