Shell Shocked

l think about Howard Kaylan aka 'Eddie" at least once a week, this is due to when l'm applying shaving foam all over my face and head, I'm instantly turned into the latter stage Howard Kaylan, if only l could sing as well as this fine chap then l would jump at the chance to perform "Happy Together" on the next edition of 'Stars InTheir Eyes". l don't think that TV show is still around but believe me Howard is still going strong and he has written a book about his life in showbusiness. Shell shocked is a very fast-paced journal into his illustrious life and boy is his life a rollercoaster of emotions and he has left us with a long lasting impression and a fine body of musical nuggets, l bet most of you may possess such nuggets and might not even be aware of the stuff he has sung on from the likes of Frank Zappa's 'Mothers" to the soaring background vocals of T-Rexs 'Get It On', 'Hot Love' to the likes of The Ramones 'Mondo Bizarro" and The Psychedelic Furs as well as The Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake. Of course he always had his equal singing partner Mark Volman aka 'Flo'. I've always loved the work that they did with 'The Turtles' great songs from the psychedelic era "Outside Chance' and the self penned 'Elenore' as well as the summer of love anthem "Happy Together'. But even better in my humble opinion it is when they became "Flo and Eddie" and recorded the classics "The Phlorescent Lech and Eddie" and "Flo and Eddie" albums and without forgetting their own Flo And Eddie radio show which aired during the 70's with guests like Keith Moon and Iggy Pop and of course Marc Bolan. This book is a no holds barred bonafied read, you get all the tales here from hanging out with The Beatles, being immortalised in the song "Smoke on The Water" by Deep Purple to touring with Alice Cooper and not forgetting the TV Shows they wrote and appeared in phew, as l said earlier this is so fast paced it's hard to keep up with all the erm lawsuits alone, that are mentioned here. His life was a constant battle to get back what belonged to him in the first place but his upbeat attitude got him/them through it all. Shell shocked will find you struggling to put it down. Chris McDougall