Shopping Centre

Shopping Centres I'm so overwhelmed, when l get in a gigantic shopping centre or a mall as they are called in America, well the one up the road from me is so vast, that everytime l enter the place l get so lost in its bigness. The Clash once sang about being Lost In A Supermarket, maybe l should write one about a shopping centre it might have to be a concept album though let alone a song with all those shops and walkways. I mean, where do those places come from, the one near me is like Terminal 5 Heathrow l almost feel like i'm going to fly somewhere exciting with sea views ,but alas when l leave the huge mall its only a cold flat that beckons me so i'm always a bit disappointed. Where do these places come from? apparently shopping centres were around in the Roman times so thats a long time back and still, it's hard to get use to. I remember in my youth there was shopping precincts but they were small and also acted as a meeting point, so you could find your friends, its only when they started putting roofs on them, that they became shopping centres as opposed to being called precincts.l would only meet someone now well away from a shopping centre otherwise l might never see them again. I remember the Bullring in Birmingham, that place was intense, massive walkways all over the place l was so bewildered. Maybe its just me, but its like l got this fear about going shopping in general, let alone entering a labyrinth of clothing outlets,mobile phone shops and loads of restrauants, and then theres the carpark enter in to the maze of doom. l think l worry more about going into the shops and getting something, only to find out the item has been onsale at a knock down price at another shop around the bend two floors down. l know you could probably go back to the shop you first purchased the item and claim that you just made a terrible mistake, and can l please get a refund, then go back into the labyrinth and try and locate the bargain shop, just seems so bewildering so the other option is to just go online order the item, and have the worry of, will it be the right size and the right colour, or maybe l should have gone to the shopping centre and tried the item on, and round and round it goes ,best thing is dont worry about it, just deal with it ,its just some shops in a big aircraft hanger and you dont even need a passport. Chris McDougall ( ARRGHHHHH)