Solution to climate change and an age of clean, cheap energy

Nuclear fusion is the reaction that powers the sun. For decades, scientists have planned on recreating this reaction here on earth as it would provide the whole world with a safe, environmentally-friendly and unlimited supply of energy. France has took the first step towards building this nuclear fusion reactor by investing £13bn into the Iter project. Iter expects that the nuclear reactor will be up and running in the 2030s.

“A Fukushima-like accident is impossible at Iter because the fusion reaction is fundamentally safe. Any disturbance from ideal conditions and the reaction will stop. A runaway nuclear reaction and a core meltdown are simply not possible,” says Carlos Alejaldre, Iter’s deputy director responsible for safety.

“There are no technical issues any more that will be show-stoppers. We think we’ve overcome all the technical issues,” said Dr Haange, the deputy director-general of the Iter project