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New York Dolls Sylvain Sylvain at 100 Club – 3rd July 2014

Destined to be a night which will linger permanently in the minds and passions of the London music scene, the legendary SYLVAIN SYLVAIN returns to town to present an exclusive acoustic show. The event has been as swift and exciting in its arrangement as the sounds the ex- New York Doll has treated ears to […]

‘SYLVAIN SYLVAIN/ THE DUEL’ – London, 100 Club, 25th July 2013

This show was billed as SYLVAIN SYLVAIN of The New York Dolls, but really he should need no introduction. It could also have been of The Criminals or the Teardrops but that might have attracted the wrong sort of crowd. As it was this, this show was sold out for what (as far as I […]

Peter Gabriel on ’70s Punk: ‘It Used to Piss Me Off’

By Jeff Giles The story of punk’s ascendancy in the ’70s often frames the music as a raw, working-class reaction to the bloated, overly self-serious rock of the day. But as Peter Gabriel reminded us during a recent interview, the truth wasn’t always so cut and dried.

2013-07-25 – Sylvain Sylvain’s New York Dolls + The Duel – 100 CLUB – LONDON

Sylvain Sylvain of New York Dolls + The Duel + The Bears at The 100 Club

Words penned by Chris Mcdougall Music lovers the news is in, fans of Glam, Punk and rock n’ roll look no further as here is an event that will sweeten your lobes as Sylvain Sylvain of The New York Dolls is gonna be in town on 25th July at the legendary 100 club in London […]

Solid Entertainment Presents

Performing at the 100 Club London On the 21st of July. This will be a night to remember!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-04-07 – Sham 69 – 100 CLUB – LONDON

2002-04-07 – Sham69 – 100 CLUB – LONDON

2011-12-02 – Department S @100 Club – 2nd December – 100 CLUB – LONDON

2011-11-09 – The Duel Album Launch Party with iF & The Motley Kunts – 100 CLUB – LONDON