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The BNP did not pass! London, June 2013

The BNP (nazi British National Party) wanted to march to the Cenotaph – but they were stopped by a large peaceful multicultural Unite Against Fascism demonstration. (June 1st 2013) Police protected the nazis and arrested dozens of peaceful young/old, black/white protestors simply for “not moving on when asked to”. But the sheer numbers gathered against […]

First Anniversary Of DIY Together @ Milton Arms Portsmouth

It was about a year ago that we sent an SOS press alert to all that we knew as a few of us tried to salvage a festival that had suddenly had to close due to shortage of money, even though there were many unhappy punters there.   DIY Together was the very special but […]

Cancer: the Forbidden Cures – Full Documentary – YouTube

Cancer: the Forbidden Cures – Full Documentary – YouTube. In this documentary titled “Cancer : The Forbidden Cures” we discover many effective and highly successful forms of cancer treatment that have been suppressed and discredited for a long time by the pharmaco-medical crime syndicate and the state-terrorist organization called FDA. Millions of people could have […]

2013-04-19 – Roughneck Riot – The Bay Horse – Northern Quarter, Manchester

2013-03-22 – Inner Terrestrials – STAR & GATER – MANCHESTER

2013-06-14 – UK Subs – The Legion – London

2013-06-13 – UK Subs – Robin 2 – WOLVERHAMPT0N

2013-06-09 – UK Subs – The Haunt – Brighton


2013-05-31 – UK Subs – THE VICTORIA INN – DERBY