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Tobbaco For Kids!!!

Duncan Bannatyne Takes on Big Tobacco. Duncan Bannatyne exposes how British and American tobacco companies are marketing their product at children in the developing world, particularly in Africa. He make comparisons to how tobacco products were marketed in western society’s in the early 20th century, when the negative health effects of the product where hidden […]

Anti-Stigma Week


We are sorry to announce that the Release Helpline is due to close UNLESS it receives some funding from the private sector to continue. Relase have set up an official Facebook for this cause and this is what it says on it : ‘Without new funding, the Release helpline will close. A lot of our […]

RIP Teddy Wilson & His Lover <3

The use of crystal meth implies unsafe sexual promiscuity

News Source: Talking Drugs Crystal meth is here to stay and as it appears its effects have brought to life again the madness and frivolity of the past cocaine decades. Long and exhausted sex marathons without safety controls, collective conspiracy among its users to perform the dance of loneliness until their bodies are rescued by […]

Heroin: Dealing With The Sympton Not The Cause

“Forgetful Politicians” Deck of Cards Comings Soon!!

“Forgetful Politicians” a deck of cards brought to you by Nice People Take Drugs ‘Within almost every group in every society, you will find people who have consumed cannabis and other drugs at some point in their lives. Politicians are no different.’ The good people of Release, the long established charity advising people about drugs, […]