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Weed stops HIV

The word cure might be a stretch, but the chemical THC in cannabis has been shown that it can actually weaken HIV infection not just alleviate symptoms. Researchers at the Temple University School of Medicine in Pennsylvania found that compounds related to THC stimulate the cannabinoid type 2 (CB2) receptor in white blood cells, which […]

Interview with Angie Bowie & Aids Be Gone CD For Sale

From www.talkingdrugs.org by Rupert George Angie Bowie was a 70’s style icon, a model and musician. She is acknowledged by many as a huge influence on her ex-husband David Bowie’s work through the most creatively successful period of his career, including his Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and Thin White Duke periods. Lou Reed […]

Sex, Drugs and HIV Party

SOAS Stop AIDS, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and First Aid societies have come together to bring you a party with the Sex Drugs & HIV band; Rock’n’Roll Gypsies to commemorate World AIDS Day and remember all who we have lost. The Sex Drugs & HIV album was 15 years in making involves over 200 […]

Hepatitis is not just a health issue

NEWS SOURCE :   http://www.guardian.co.uk BY : Poverty Matters Blog World Hepatitis Day recognises the enormous public health challenge viral hepatitis represents and gives us a chance to tackle the stigma around the disease

Cure for Cancer / HIV AIDS Covered up

ABC NEWS Reports: Research Alternative Cancer/HIV-AIDS Treatments and Immune Response System Enhancers Such as : MegaDoses of Intravenous Vitamin C Infusion Treatment, Vitamin B17 Apple and Apricot Seeds + Vitamin B17 Dieting/Injections,ProAlgaZyme,Graviola,­CellQuest,Protocel,DCA , Rose-Bengal PV-10 and Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Dieting-Juicing (As well as Qi-Gong/Tai-Chi/Yoga Breathing Exercises)

March and Rally for Human Rights at AIDS 2010 – Annie Lennox

Internationally acclaimed singer songwriter and long-time AIDS activist Annie Lennox will headline an historic rally in downtown Vienna on 20 July 2010. The march and rally will feature a memorable live musical performance by Lennox and provide an opportunity for people to demonstrate their commitment to protecting human rights and stopping the spread of HIV.

Angie Bowie Interview

By Mainy – El Diablo Zine Mainy kindly interviewed Angie about the AidsBeGone cd & show in London, due to us being hectic over here – sorting out the night etc – we didnt get a chance to put up the interview up- either way still an important read as Angie gets ready for her […]

Uzbek HIV activist sentenced to 7 years imprisonment

News Source – Talking Drugs Maksim Popov, a psychologist and head of the non-governmental organization known in Uzbekistan for its energetic work with drug users and sex workers, has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment as a result of his HIV prevention efforts. Popov is leader of the NGO “Izis,” created by young professional medical […]

Aids Be Gone

Aids be Gone Cyber Party Aids BeGone is a musical fundraiser arranged by legendary Angie Bowie to aid in the search for a vaccine which will eradicate HIV and provide the drugs and support to those people who are HIV positive.  For more details, please click here. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. AidsBeGone.org will […]